[AfrICANN-discuss] Foiled spam bot protection (was: UK businessman hits back in .ae web domain row)

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu Aug 20 19:15:07 SAST 2009

At 09:51 20-08-2009, Anne-Rachel Inné wrote:
>href="mailto:soren.billing at itp.com?subject=ArabianBusiness.com:%20UK%20businessman%20hits%20back%20in%20.ae%20web%20domain%20row">Soren 
>Billing</a><span style="display: none;">This 
>email address is being protected from spam bots, 
>you need Javascript enabled to view it
>  </span> on Monday, 17 August 2009</span>

The spam bot protection has been foiled by 
posting the article to a mailing list.


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