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UK businessman hits back in .ae web domain row
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to view it  on Monday, 17 August 2009   [image: WEB DISPUTE: The row over
the web domain irena.ae continues. (Getty Images - for illustrative purposes
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WEB DISPUTE: The row over the web domain irena.ae continues. (Getty Images -
for illustrative purposes only).

*A UK businessman has hit back at UAE web domain regulator, the .aeDA, after
it said he tried to sell the domain name Irena.ae, following claims it
wrongfully revoked the domain and transferred it to the International
Renewable Energy Association (IRENA).*

Last week, Kevin Reed told *Arabian Business* that he registered the
Irena.ae domain with the .aeDA but that it was subsequently deleted by the
TRA unit, despite his firm holding the trademark for Irena, a nutritional
supplement, in Europe and the UK for the past twelve years.

In a statement on its website, the .aeDA claimed that the domain name was
registered on January 28, two days after the signing of the IRENA EU statute
in Bonn, but that following the registration, Reed put up the domain name
for sale on the website Youcanbuythiswebsite.com.

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It also said Reed had failed to provide “adequate or timely information” to
support his registration.

Responding to the statement, Reed said: “The domain was registered through
Instra.com in January 2009 by another party through a registrar called

“It clearly then became available and so I registered it through IP Mirror,
who are a registrar for .ae domain names.

“I did not at anytime offer the domain for sale.”

Reed has said his company will scrap its plans to enter the UAE market
unless the domain is transferred back to his company.

“One has to wonder how safe any .ae domain name is if they simply take them
whenever they feel like it,” he said.

“Furthermore, the International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA) in
Germany have told me that they do not want the domain as they use irena.org

IRENA chose Abu Dhabi to host its first international headquarters in June
this year.

The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) did not respond to a
request for comment two weeks ago and was not immediately available for
comment on Monday.
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