[AfrICANN-discuss] Request for information on ICT capacity-buildingand R&D in Africa

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This may out of scope for this list since the topic is about ICT. This list is about Africans in ICANN, I understood. Nonetheless if we restrict ourselves to Internet and next generation networks, one might suggest you talk to AfREN (AAU) [Research Netwroks], AfriNIC, AfTLD [Internet Infrastructure] and AfNOG [operator technical capacity] for starters

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  Dear all,

  I am writing to ask for your help with a consultancy I am doing for the African Union (AU).  Specifically, I am looking for information and contacts with regards to a paper I am preparing on ICT capacity-building and research and development (R&D) in African countries.  I would thus appreciate documents, reports, Web sites, and information about ICT capacity-building and R&D activities in African countries.  Please note that this is a continent-wide survey, so send me information and contacts (especially names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers) you can provide for any country in Africa.

  I should also mention that this is an informal solicitation for a start, and I will work the relevant AU staff to send out a more official request for information.

  Finally, please pardon me for the cross-posting on different mailing lists.

  Have a great weekend, and best wishes!




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