[AfrICANN-discuss] Kenya: 2nd National Internet Governance eDiscussions:-Mon 27th April to Fri 8th May 2009]

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Wed Apr 22 20:34:40 SAST 2009

Dear Listers,

The Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet) is pleased to announce the 2nd National Internet Governance online discussions scheduled to commence next Monday 27th April 2009 and run through Friday 8th May 2009.

The Program outline which has been informed by the last years discussions and this year's face-2-face Review meeting will be as follows:

1.General Background (1day-Walu)
        *IG Defn and Rational
        *National IG Forum :- 2008 Status Report
2.Infrastructure Issues (4Days- Walu)
        *Undersea Fiber Cable and its impact on: (2d)
	   -Access, Affordability, Content and Quality
        *Management of Critical Internet Resources (2d)
	   -IPv6 & Country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) Management
	   -National IXPs/NFOB
3.Cyber-Security and Trust  (4Days-Mwende)
 	*e-Crimes against (2d)
	  -Consumers/Users (Privacy Issues)
	  -Data and Infrastructure (Data Security)
	*Developing a national cyber-security strategies (2d)
	  -What are the Legal Provisions (KCA Act 2008?)
	  -Developing National Cyber-Security Strategies(CSIRT)/(CERT)
4.Socio-economic Issues (2Days - Walu)
	*ePayments (e.g MPESA, ZAP, Digital Certificates)-(1d)
        *Regulating a Converged Environment-(1d)
5.Closure and Way Forward (1Day-Mwende)
	*Examine the desirability and continuation of the IG Forum

The discussion would be on the KICTAnet list and so you may need to register @ http://lists.kictanet.or.ke/mailman/listinfo/kictanet to participate.




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