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Dear all,

I join you in expressing my heartfelt condolences to the families of the bereaved ones: Aloyce Menda, Paco de Quita, and Mrs. Ivy Matsepe-Casburri (whose passing away Anne Rachel announced on the list a few days ago).  Just one of them passing away would have been a lot of sorrow and grief to bear, talk less of all three of them.  I join all of you in praying that their souls rest in perfect peace, and that we all have the strength to carry on!


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Dear All,

Please read below and I would like to extend my personal condolences
to the families of these two esteemed members of the community. May
they rest in peace! Those who were in Mexico would remember Aloyce,
tired but still going on with a smile. He will be missed.

Dear At-Large Community members and Staff colleagues:

I have the sad duty to inform you that Aloyce Menda, Coordinator of
AFRALO ALS Journalists' Union for Science & Technology Advancement in
Africa (JUSTA-AFRICA),  lost his battle with liver cancer on 6th April
2009. He was 50.

At the same time, we have been informed that Paco de Quito, ALS
Representative of ISOC Catalan in EURALO, has passed away suddenly on
9th April at the age of 62. (further information at

On behalf of all the Staff of ICANN, may I extend our condolences to
their families and colleagues.




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