[AfrICANN-discuss] About the change of AfriNIC-9 venue!

Dr Yassin Mshana ymshana2003 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 01:48:55 SAST 2008

Fellow Africans, friends of Africa et al,

Can someone please give us an insight as to how this major change happened
so suddenly? What was the process that took place in the identification of
the venue and the support?

That would be help since the Article has done its public duty "to inform" -
there is a need to digest this important event in AfriNIC history.

Best regards


2008/10/26 Nii Quaynor <quaynor at ghana.com>

> ... and interference in technical policy processes is bad.
> nii
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> Thanks for sharing  this with us.
> People should understand that if  we don't have  good networks in
> AFRICA, it won't help naming space including  dotafrica.
> --alain
> On Oct 23, 2008, at 7:28 PM, Anne-Rachel Inné wrote:
>  Dear Colleagues,
>> As you know, the AfriNIC-9 will now be held in Mauritius instead of  Addis
>> Ababa (Ethiopia) as originally planned. This is a unique situation  which
>> has affected us all. Many of you have written to us to inquire about  what
>> happened and to propose your help. Thanks to you all and your  continued
>> support to what we are trying to do at AfriNIC for our Region.
>> We sincerely apologize for the short notice in change of venue. The
>> previous
>> host, ETC (Ethiopia Telecommunication Corporation) notified us that  "for
>> some
>> serious reason that needs time to clear and settle", they have been
>> obliged
>> to pend and postpone hosting the AfriNIC-9 meeting. After some
>> investigations to
>> try to understand what is happening, it comes to our attention that
>> the decision
>> comes from the Government who has requested them to suspend the  hosting
>> of
>> AfriNIC-9 meeting because they are suspecting AfriNIC to have some
>> hidden agenda
>> with the meeting in Addis Ababa and which has to do with
>> "dotAfrica".  According
>> to the article reproduced bellow, the bid for dotAfrica presented by  a
>> Company
>> (leaded by and Ethiopian) has been sabotaged by AfriNIC which  prevent her
>> to
>> settle the Headquarters in Ethiopia. According to information we  have
>> been
>> able to collect, she claimed that AfriNIC want to host "dotAfrica"  in
>> South
>> Africa or Mauritius so is against Ethiopia interests by doing so.
>> Let's me precise here that dotAfrica and domain names businesses are  not
>> part
>> of AfriNIC's activities. This serious misunderstanding of what  AfriNIC is
>> exactly and its role in the community injected by a person claiming  to be
>> the
>> defender of Africa, has unfortunately denied Ethiopia a chance to  host
>> this
>> important African technical community meeting. Indeed, AfriNIC which
>> mission
>> is, amongst other to "to support Internet technology usage and
>> development,
>> and promoting Internet governance" in Africa welcomes the  opportunity to
>> have
>> a domain (dotAfrica) that will identify the African landscape on the
>> Internet.
>> AfriNIC will probably support any Open, transparent and bottom up
>> initiative
>> to have a dotAfrica domain for the region but will never run or
>> participate
>> in doing any business related to that domain names or any other.
>> AfriNIC remains a service to the community and strongly disagree  with
>> personal
>> interests and political pressures on its bottom up processes.  AfriNIC
>> developed
>> its legitimacy from the community and will remain a community driven
>> organisation
>> as are the four other Regional Numbers Registries. We have already  run
>> our
>> Public Policy meeting in eight  other countries without any issues.  Our
>> main
>> objective has always been to raise awareness among the local  community of
>> the
>> country we are visiting and involve them more into the process.
>> AfriNIC remains open to all of us.
>> Let's keep focused on our numerous objectives and challenges in an  open
>> transparent with a systematic multi-stakeholder approach.
>> The whole story is now released by the local press and available at:
>> http://www.ethiopianreporter.com/content/view/3048/54/. A very quick
>> English
>> translation is also attached.
>> Kind Regards.
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