[AfrICANN-discuss] Is this becoming a joke?

Louis Tsebele johntselebe at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 17:59:07 SAST 2008

I think thers is a need for further understanding on this list and in the
community of
 what is  going on about the  so called dotArica project. I come across the
below from Sophia Bekele about a supposedly Interference of ICANN staff in

The lady is complaining about the interference of Ms. Richell in the dot
initiative (well first of all this is still an initiative and not a bid nor
a proposal so I see no
point to start with) but this looks strange for me since that same person
Sophia has
publicly  stated during ICANN meeting in Paris something like:

"... But when I have come into the ICANN community, I have talked to
and Mouhamet Diop, and in an effort not to duplicate any other initiatives,
have decided to continue putting this initiative together". I read this as
if she has requested
the support of some ICANN officials for her initiative including Anne
Rachel  ... knowing
that there could be conflict of Interest?


This same person again, on the powerpoint of her dotAfrica initiative at:
http://www.dotafrica.blogspot.com/ on page 14 have listed Afristar
such as AfriNIC as interested Sponsors  ... but on other hand she seems to
be the one behind the ban of AfriNIC meeting in Ethiopia because of AfriNIC
suporting the Afstar  dotAfrica proposal...

So After attacking AfriNIC, now she is attacking ICANN staff. Is she really
serious about what she is doing?  I guess the next time it won't be the
Technical community which will sue.

Dear Africa Friends let be careful about which image we are showing of our
continent! I don't know who that lady is, but please stop her for creating
so much
confusion and damage to people who are trying to do things.


From: Sophia Bekele <sophiabekele at yahoo.com>
Date: 31 October 2008 00:00:22 GMT+02:00
To: <snip>
Subject: Complaint letter - Interference of ICANN staff in the DotAfrica


How are you?

My guy sent this email
accidental including your names in the Board list.  I gave him your
address, cause I wanted you to be informed since dotafrica is
gtld, however, we were suppose to sent it via a separate cc.

Since we do not want to antagonize the Board,
we want to give them a chance to respond  before it goes anywhere, so
I wish to express this to you by sending you this separate email and for
info is not to be for public consumption at this time.

Therefore, can you please keep this info

Thank you ahead and see you all in Cairo.


----- Forwarded Message ----
From: <snip>
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 8:44:06 PM
Subject: VERY URGENT- CONFIDENTIAL: Complaint letter - Interference of ICANN
staff in the DotAfrica initiativeVery

October 2008

Hon. Chairman, Peter Dengate

I have been instructed by Sophia Bekele,
Executive Director of DotAfrica project to send to you
the attached document regarding the above subject Complaint letter -
Interference of ICANN staff in the DotAfrica initiative

The email attachment contains the following
and we have sent a corresponding fax to your office:

Letter of complaint for DotAfrica
and media evidence on Ms. Richells activities in collaboration with Afri*
sabotaging our DotAfrica initiative

A carbon copy of the above documents have
been sent via email and fax to the following individuals:
        * Distinguished Board of Directors, Internet Corporation for
Assigned Nams & Numbers (ICANN )
        * Ombudsman Office, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers (ICANN)
        * Mr.Nebiyu Yosef, B.S; MSEE, Coordinator (dot.africa)
        * Mr.Ephrem Beyene, B.S., Secretary (dot.africa)
Please your Hon., accept Ms. Bekele's regards.

Project Coordinator (DotAfrica)
nyosef at dotconnectafrica.org

John L. Tselebe
Internet Policy Analyst
ACFI - Internet for all in Africa
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