[AfrICANN-discuss] CODEV-NIC delployement SENEGAL

oumtana at nic.ci oumtana at nic.ci
Tue Feb 26 18:24:45 SAST 2008

The AFTLD in partenership with the OIF/INF organizes a deployment workshop of
the platform management register:Codev-nic.
  Codev-nic is entirely based on the free software and is developed partly with
the LABTIC of ABIDJAN in partnership with the international college of the
AFNIC, the NIC MG and the NIC CI.
  This workshop will take place from 26 to 29 February 2008,the UCAD(Nic.sn)
  The following aspects will be approached:
  1 Amodel of recordind of domain name.
  2 Differents components of Codev-nic.
  3 Postrgresql database management system.
  4 The connection of pool system.
  5 The distant call system XML RPC.
  6 The zone generator.
  7 WHOIS server.
  8 Web Apache server Mod python vampire.
  9 Cheetah Templates system.
  10 Asynchronous ticket management system.

  Souleymane Oumtanaga
  VP Capcity Bulding  of AFTLD 

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