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Nomination Period Closes for 2008 Nom Com

18 April 2008

**This is an update on the 2008 ICANN Nominating Committee (Nom Com). On 15
April 2008, the nomination period closed to be considered for one of the six
open leadership positions. The Nom Com received 78 Statements of Interest
from candidates worldwide during an open nomination period that ran from 15
December 2007 to 15 April 2008. 13 candidates are female, 65 are male.

The Nom Com began its work in November 2007 at the ICANN Annual Meeting in
Los Angeles, California, and is evaluating qualified candidates for the
following key positions within ICANN:

   - 2 seats on the ICANN Board of Directors
   - 2 members of the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) (from the
   European and North American regions)
   - 1 Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO) Council member
   - 1 Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council member

27 candidates are from Europe, 20 candidates are from North America, 15 are
from Africa, 14 are from Asia/Australia/Pacific, and 8 are from from Latin
America/Caribbean. Some candidates appear in more than one region due to
dual citizenship.

53 candidates have declared a willingness to serve on the ICANN Board, 42
have declared a willingness to serve on the GNSO Council, 21 have declared a
willingness to serve on the ALAC, and 36 have declared a willingness to
serve on the ccNSO Council. Please note that some candidates have asked to
be considered for more than one position.

The Nom Com will collect information and evaluate the candidates through
June 2008, when it will hold a face-to-face meeting following the ICANN
meeting in Paris, France. Final selections will be confirmed six weeks after
the ICANN Paris meeting. Following the selection of candidates, the Nom Com
will conduct due diligence. The selections will be announced by early
September 2008.

Information about the 2008 Nominating Committee is available at
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