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Day 1: ICANN Multi-Stakeholder Model and Introduction to the 3 themes
of the meeting

Day 1 will provide a high-level overview of ICANN as an open,
multi-stakeholder environment in which bottom-up, consensus-based
policy development process is undertaken. Members of ICANN's various
supporting organizations and advisory committees can share their
experiences and inform the audience of why they participate in ICANN
and how to get engaged in the process. Role of the multi-stakeholder
model in promoting security and stability in the global Internet.

After the introduction of the model and sharing of experiences from
the various ICANN constituencies, discussions on IDNs will start by a
general overview of the protocol revision.

Day 2: Internationalized Domain Names

This is a key area that ICANN together with the Internet technical
community have been exploring for the past few years. Over the past
couple of years though there has been a lot of work addressing not
only the technical aspects of IDNs, but also its policy dimensions and
implications. Many stakeholders from all over the world representing
the technical community, ccTLD managers, governments, businesses and
individuals have been engaged in the work being developed to get IDNs
deployed in the root zone. The aim of this meeting is to inform the
Internet community of the Arab region of the latest developments in
this area both at the technical and policy levels, and to share
experiences and knowledge among participants.

Discussions will carry on with regard to the IDN protocol revision
including focus on bidirectional solution and other issues
specifically related to the Arabic community, followed by a session on
IDN deployment experiences by language communities that use the Arabic
script. Also, the IDN ccTLD fast track policy and process and the role
of governments, as well as the Interim Report of an ICANN working
group for the introduction of a limited number of IDNC ccTLDs will be

Day 3: gTLD Experiences and Market Trends

Day 3 will focus on the gTLD space. The sessions will discuss Registry
/ Registrar operations and best practices, innovation in business
models, as well as the introduction of new gTLD from process and
business perspectives. There will be speakers from all over the world
including the Middle East.

This theme is addressed to Registries and Registrars, and particularly
those interested in the Middle East market, as well as IT businesses
and service providers interested in learning more about this area and
who may potentially become Registries or Registrars in the future.

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Anne-Rachel Inne

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