[AfrICANN-discuss] Kenya bids to host top IT conference

Vika Mpisane vika at zadna.org.za
Sat Sep 1 18:45:49 SAST 2007

Hi Michael & Africanners,
I'm personally not aware of other African bids, but if Egypt, Senegal &
Uganda have put in bids or are planning to do so, then it means you will all
be in for serious lobbying & we as by-standers will have to choose between
our good friends (and needless to say we may have to loose some
I suggest that as bidders, Kenya should try & find a way of lobbying the
other African bidders. It would really give Africa a unified image if we
were to have only one bid. I do think that with effective diplomacy and
persuasion, some bidders may be willing to withdraw their bids and make it
possible to have one or at least only 2 bids.
Having said that, I wish Kenic & the other bidders (if any) all the best...
Vika Mpisane
.za Domain Name Authority
Johannesburg, South Africa


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Dear all;
I hope this finds you fine. As you may be aware, Kenya, through the KENYA
NETWORK INFORMATION CENTER (.ke CCTLD), has formally submitted a bid to host
ICANN in November next year.

I'm therefore appealing to you all to support the Kenyan bid. Moreover, I
kindly appeal to those other African countries which may have submitted or
intend to submit a similar bid, to please withdraw their bids and support
Kenya this time around, and Kenya promises to in return  support their bids
in future.

Thank you in advance.


Michael Katundu

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Hi rafik and all

I understand that Egypt, Senegal and Uganda are also bidding. Perhaps
Anne Rachel could give us more information. Egypt, South Africa and
Ghana have previously hosted ICANN meetings.

As a member of the KENIC board, I wish to request support from the ICANN
African community to support Kenya's bid to host the ICANN meeting in
November 2008.


alice munyua

> Hi everybody,
> there are other African countries candidates to host the ICANN meeting?
> Regards
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>     <http://www.eastandard.net/hm_news/news.php?articleid=1143973832> *
>     The East African Standard | Online Edition
>     <http://www.eastandard.net/>
>     *  Saturday September 1, 2007 *
>     * Kenya bids to host top IT conference *
>     *By Alari Alare*
>     Kenya has submitted a bid to host the African round of the
>     Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann)
>     meeting set for November next year.
>     The bid was submitted by the board of the Kenya Information Centre
>     (Kenic) on behalf of the private sector and the Government.
>     Speaking during Kenic's annual general meeting on Friday, chairman
>     Anthony Mugambi, disclosed that a team comprising Government,
>     private sector and the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) will be
>     constituted to lobby for the bid.
>     As a trustee for the dot. ke country-code-top-level-domain, Kenic
>     oversees the Kenyan Domain Name space by managing and
>     administering the dot .ke in conformity with global Internet policies.
>     Icann, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers on
>     the other hand is responsible for managing and coordinating the
>     global Domain Name System (DNS) to ensure each address is unique
>     and that users of the Internet could find valid addresses. It does
>     this by overseeing the distribution of unique IP (Internet
>     Protocol) addresses and domain names.
>     "In an effort to expose Kenya's vibrant ICT community to the rest
>     of the world, the
>     Kenic Board has submitted a bid to host the African round of the
>     Icann meeting in November next year in Nairobi, Kenya", said Mugambi.
>     "We are confident of winning the bid to host the event and we
>     shall be seeking your support in hosting the event," said Mugambi.
>     During the meeting, a new board led by Mugambi was named to steer
>     the Centre's activities.
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