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Subject: [ccnso-members] DNSSEC Survey reminder

Dear all,

First of all - many thanks to all of you who already have responded to the
DNSSEC survey which the ccNSO currently is conducting. Every reply adds
value to the results!

However, we are still looking forward to receiving further replies and would
be very grateful if even more ccTLDs could have a look at the questions
below. You are welcome to answer in Arabic, French, German, Russian or
Spanish if this is more convenient.

The aim of the survey is to find out how much knowledge there is on DNSSEC
amongst ccTLDs around the world. The results will be made available on the
ccNSO homepage and will also be presented during the ccNSO meeting in Los
Angeles. The individual replies will, however, be made anonymous.

The survey is open for your replies until this Friday, the 12th October

Please, send your answers to ccnsosecretariat at icann.org or directly to me.

Many thanks for your help!


Gabriella Schittek
ccNSO Secretariat
gabriella.schittek at icann.org

Your ccTLD:

I. Deployment of DNSSEC at a Registry Level

1) Do you know what DNSSEC is?

a) YES
b) I know what it is, but don't know how it works.
c) I have heard about it, but don't know what problem it solves
d) NO

If NO - please, proceed to question 10!

2) Has your registry implemented DNSSEC?

a) YES
b) NO

If YES - please, proceed to question 5!

3) If you have not implemented DNSSEC, do you plan to?

a) YES
b) NO

4) If you have not, or do not intent to implement DNSSEC in the next three
years, please briefly explain why you do not intend to do so:

5) If you have implemented DNSSEC, please briefly describe the technical
environment you use:

6) If you have implemented DNSSEC, please briefly describe your experience:

7) If you are planning to implement DNSSEC, what is the planned timeline?

8) If you are planning to implement DNSSEC, please briefly describe the
technical environment you plan to use:

9) Please briefly describe how strategically important you consider DNSSEC
to be:

- What are the principle drivers?
- What are the principle goals you would like to achieve with DNSSEC?
- What are the main threats and opportunities you foresee?

II. Signing the Root

10) Is it important to you that the DNS root zone is signed?

a) YES
b) NO

11) Who should be signer of the DNS root zone?

a) IANA (i.e. ICANN)
b) Some other non-governmental organisation
c) A government
d) A grouping of governments
e) Other (Please specify)

III. Exchange of Information and Experiences

12) Do you think there is a need to exchange DNSSEC experiences between TLD

13) Do you think the ccNSO should actively promote the deployment of DNSSEC?

a) YES
b) NO

14) If you think the ccNSO should promote DNSSEC, please explain some ideas
on how it should do this:
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