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McTim dogwallah at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 06:48:28 SAST 2007


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On Nov 26, 2007 6:54 AM, Sophia B <sophiabekele at gmail.com> wrote:
> November 25, 2007
> Adiel -
> Thank you for your last clarification on this subject.

Yes, thanks AA.

> We have looked at the archives AfriNIC has provided below.   It appears that
> maybe it is a technical glitch, however, per your response as well as
> AfriTLD postings on the original email-thread archive, it is not what is
> appearing as one follows-thru the internet posting.

Perhaps the technical glitch is human error or PEBKAC (Problem Exists
Between Keyboard And Chair).  In other words if you see this in the
subject line:

"[Aftld-discuss] [AfrICANN-discuss] Resending letter to

You might assume that both lists are cc'ed in all messages, when in
fact what is probalbly going on is that some folk are trimming cc
list, so that these 6 messages ONLY appear on [Aftld-discuss] and NOT
on [AfrICANN-discuss] as well.

> Therefore, I will have to go back to my orgiinal request, to kindly ask
> AfriNIC and AfriTLD to make the correction within the next 3-5 days, on your
> respective servers, so as to ensure the integrity of all the email thread is
> in tact.  I can only assume that you all understand the implications of such
> negative publicity.

I find it very far-fetched that AfriNIC staff have tampered with the
content of mailing list threads.


$ whois -h whois.afrinic.net mctim

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