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Anne-Rachel Inné annerachel at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 02:56:10 SAST 2007

Dear All,

Public Comment - http://www.icann.org/public_comment/

A vital part of ICANN's processes is the opportunity to have public comment
on each substantial piece of work before it is put forward for final
approval. This page outlines clearly and simply which public comment periods
are currently open, which have recently been closed, which are upcoming, and
an archive of closed forums (listed according to the month in which the
comment period ended). A separate comment box is provided for each comment

Each box provides a brief explanation of what the comment period hopes to
achieve, as well as: links to relevant reports and/or webpages; a link to
the official announcement of the comment period; a link to where all
existing comments can be found; and an email link for anyone that wishes to
send in a comment. Closed comments forums, should have a live link to a
"summary/analysis" where the comments made are objectively reviewed and the
results posted to the same list. This summary/analysis will be then be put
into the decision-making process where the body responsible will be asked to
explicitly refer to its in future discussions.

The page should provide a solid and permanent solution to the issue of
transparency and accountability of ICANN's processes, in particular: what
issues are pending before ICANN; how interested stakeholders can contribute;
and an explanation to the wider community on what the contributing factors
are to a final decision.
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