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Thanks Paulos.


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>On 22 May 2007 at 20:43, Dr Eberhard Lisse wrote:
>> Personally I am opposed to the very concept of geographic
>> regions in the ICANN concept. They are as necessary as a
>> goitre if only because the relationship between (cc)TLD
>and IANA/ICANN is bilateral.
>El, does this also mean that you are opposed to the concept
>of  requiring regional diversity in the ICANN concept?
>Many of us in the Africa region value the regions issue and
>this is  supported by activities on AfriNIC, AfNOG and
>AfTLD among others.
>> I don't mind .NA being in the African region.
>Great.  .NA is already in the Africa region.
>>  But unfortunately there is
>> a tendency to make a Region out of a region, here, and
>> since I have no interest whatsoever being "represented"
>> by individuals that I would trust as far as I can throw
>> them, so I do not wish .NA to belong to the African
>My understanding is that by running .NA, those in the .NA
>Internet  community are already being "represented" by an
>individual like you.  Do you think that they trust you?
>Do you wish .NA to be in Namibia?
>> My obvious choice of course is Northern America, not only
>> because .NA and NA are so similar, but also because there
>> are so few ccTDLs there, so Dotty and I can have lunch
>more often :-)-O
>I wish I had a smiley for this that draws enough contours
>on my face  to show my true expression. 
>It is very UNLIKELY that the obvious choice of the .NA
>Internet  community is "of course is Northern America" for
>whatever reason  anyone can put down.
>> But seriously, I also  think the Arab speaking ccTLDs
>> have a point, wanting to have an Arab region rather than
>> being "born" into Africa or Australasia.
>The  African Top Level Domains organisation, AFTLD, has
>taken a stand  on this issue which we communicated to the
>ccNSO just before and  during the Lisbon ICANN meeting,
>where, I am pleased to note, you  actively participated in
>the ccNSO activitites.
>AFTLD, officiall recognised by the ccNSO, is the regional 
>organisation for Africa where Namibia is located.
>Members of AFTLD are gravely concerned that the regions
>issue may  lead to partitioning of Africa and members have
>indicated that they  will act to oppose any such
>re-partitioning of the Africa region.  Africa has a
>signifcant membership base in the ccNSO. Members aspire 
>that Africa continues to be represented by one continent 
>organisations like AfriNIC, AfNOG and AfTLD.
>Dr Paulos B Nyirenda
>mw ccTLD
>> If we actually *NEED* groups or regions, then I think the
>> best way of doing things would be to define a minimum
>> number of members for "accreditation", perhaps 10 to 15
>> and if one ccTLD doesn't want to stay in it's region, to
>> chose a group. This would immediately elevate CENTR and
>> probably CoCCA into such a group. 
>> So the answer is 42 :-)-O
>> Or rather Yes to I and II.
>> el
>> on 5/22/07 5:25 PM Gabriella Schittek said the following:
>> > To recapture the opinion of the Working Group: The
>> > current definition of  a ICANN Geographic Region is not
>> > only confusing to the individual, it  may make it more
>> > difficult - particularly for ccTLD managers from 
>smaller countries with limited resources - to actively
>> > participate and  be engaged in different aspects of
>> > ICANN. 
>> > To resolve the negative impact of the current
>> > definition of Geographic Regions to these ccTLD
>> managers the Working Group recommends: 
>> > 1. To prepare a ccNSO submission to ICANNs Regions
>> > review process (See  Draft Report Section C, Option 4);
>> > and 
>> > 2.As a short-mid term solution:
>> > a.the ccNSO should define a procedure for
>> > self-selection to enable ccTLD managers who consider
>> > themselves inappropriately assigned to an ICANN
>Geographical Region on the basis of the so-called
>> > "citizenship" criterion (see Draft Report WG on ICANNs
>> > Geographic Regions nr.8), to self-select an appropriate
>> > Region; and b.facilitate the creation of sub-regional
>> > or interregional groups (see Report Section C options
>> > 3a and 3b). 
>> > 
>> > The Working Group would appreciate input from ccTLD
>> > managers on the  following questions:
>> > 
>> > I. Do the concerns as described in Section C of the
>> > report adequately represent the concerns of ccTLD
>> > managers? If not, please indicate what  needs to
>> > change. 
>> > II. Do you support the recommendation of the Working
>> > Group? If not,  please indicate if you support any of
>> the other options. 
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