Re: [AfrICANN-discuss] Africa’s Storied Colleges, Jammed and Crumbling

Anne-Rachel Inné annerachel at
Mon May 21 10:29:34 SAST 2007


Nothing more than making a parallel on how most of our ccTLDs are in a bad
shape --- and keep thinking about how to improve them so they can help in
gathering and keeping content local --- maybe also think about how for the
ones working, ccTLDs managers can help establish technically sound networks
for say, online  courses and capacity building in IT at Universities?

AfREN (check here on what they are doing and AAU are
trying really hard with themes like sound campus networking and others are
thinking about online courses. Am I dreaming. yes :-). The Internet for me
is only worth the content it has. And here is one case where content on
networks can help I think.

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> Pardom me BUT what is this doing on this list?  Regards, Paulos
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