[AfrICANN-discuss] Comments on .xxx

Michuki Mwangi michuki at kenic.or.ke
Fri Mar 30 12:04:54 SAST 2007

Dear All,

Its in my opinion that, since the debate will not receive the full
support of the global community, why not move the debate to the ccTLD
level. For instance the board proposes that the xxx be a ccTLD issue not
a new TLD issue. In this case based on review country by country, then
it will be upon each cc's to choose to have a .xxx.cc sTLD as opposed to
the global community's and ICANN board to decide on having a .xxx TLD.

Those countries that approve of a .xxx.cc sTLD and are an open registry,
 they will probably accommodate the adult content web-masters who are
seeking a formal name space slot.

This in my opinion will address the issue of the domain at a national
level and take away the debate from the Global arena - since as varied
as the world is - the .xxx may not receive the desired global consensus
for approval.


Michuki Mwangi

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