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 Translation at ICANN <http://public.icann.org/translation> Welcome to the
translation page  __ http://public.icann.org/

This page has been set up to inform the community about the efforts being
made within ICANN to move to being a more international organisation by
providing materials in languages other than English.

The hope is that the community will review these pages and assist in helping
the organisation by providing useful feedback, offering to help, supplying
useful leads, and so on.

   - By kieren.mccarthy at 2007-08-09 16:40
   - translation <http://public.icann.org/taxonomy/term/101>
   - Login<http://public.icann.org/user/login?destination=comment/reply/261%2523comment_form>or
post comments
   - Read more <http://public.icann.org/translation>

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