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Sorry for crossposting. Please forward to all who are working on IDNs and
let me know if you need more information. Or if you need me to attach any
documnets referred to hereafter. Live test of .test strings will start soon
at the root and ICANN has not received any expression of interest from the
community in any language from the region.
Procedures for IDN TLD Evaluation Deployment in the Root Zone6 August 2007

ICANN has finalized the procedures describing how IANA will manage the
insertion, administration and removal of internationalized top- level
domains in the root zone for the upcoming evaluation. The procedures were
posted previously for public comments. That comment, as well as advice from
the technical community (including RSSAC), was taken into consideration in
editing the final versions.

The two procedures guiding this effort are:

1. IANA Root Zone Procedures for Test IDN

The final procedure was approved by the ICANN Board on 29 June 2007 (see
after some clarifications were provided in response to public comment (see
http://forum.icann.org/lists/iana-idn-process/). These procedures are being
implemented by IANA in preparation for the insertion of IDN evaluation TLDs.

2. Root Server Operator Procedures for Emergency Revocation of
Evaluation-purpose IDN

The purpose of this procedure is to provide a method of quickly removing IDN
TLDs from the root zone in the very unlikely event that insertion of these
evaluation strings negatively impact DNS or root server operations. After
consultation with the RSSAC, the procedure has been modified to focus on a
communication protocol that root server operators will employ in the
identification and mitigation of any problems that might arise for root
server operations as a consequence of the proposed testing of IDN strings .
Root server operators will monitor and identify deteriorated service
potentially caused by IDNs in the root. If such a result is detected, ICANN
will be notified and in turn activate the procedure.

IDN Program -- looking forward: The next milestones in the IDN Program Plan
requires obtaining necessary approvals to insert the eleven suggested
evaluation top-level domains (the term <.test> translated into eleven
languages). (See the IDN .test Evaluation Plan at http://
An additional announcement will be made once the approvals have been
received. It is anticipated that these evaluation TLDs will be launched in
late September 2007.

Updated IDN .test Evaluation Plan

ICANN updates the IDN .test Evaluation Plan based on comment to the
previously posted version of the plan for the insertion of evaluation IDN
TLDs in the root zone

19 July 2007 Update

ICANN has amended the draft plan for insertion of evaluation IDN TDs into
the root zone based on comments received on the public forum established for
that purpose (see, http://forum.icann.org/lists/idn-tld-test/).
Specifically, an amended version of the proposed label for the Persian TLD,
has been posted (see,
http://www.icann.org/topics/idn/idn-evaluation-plan-v2.9.1.pdf [PDF, 241K]).
The changes that have been made: (i) replaces the previously suggested
Persian .test TLD with an alternate TLD label that more clearly reveals the
Persian YEH, and (ii) changes of the reference to the name of the language
from Farsi to Persian.

Comments on this or other aspects of the evaluation plan can be made to
idn-tld-test at icann.org and viewed at

For more details please see:
http://forum.icann.org/lists/idn-tld-test/msg00002.html and


ICANN Releases Draft IDN Evaluation Plans

19 June 2007

As announced previously in the IDN program status report, in the draft IANA
Root Zone Procedures for Test IDN Deployment, and the draft IDN TLD Root
Server Performance / Tolerance, ICANN has developed a plan for insertion of
IDN TLDs in the root zone for evaluation. The .test plan contains two
separate evaluation facilities where the feasibility and usability of fully
localized domain names can be evaluated and tested in a live environment.
Implementation of this plan is one of the core elements in ICANN's IDN

The draft .test plan is posted here for public
The draft contains a preliminary list of scripts for the
example.testevaluation strings. Recommendations for changes or
additions to this list of
strings will be reviewed carefully to ensure broad public participation in
the evaluations.

During the public comment period, the plan will be discussed during several
sessions of the ICANN meeting in San Juan (June 2007) and at the RSSAC /
IETF meeting in Chicago (July 2007). Subject to these and other
consultations, a final version of the plan will be provided for ICANN Board
consideration at its 14 August 2007 meeting. ICANN Board approval will be
sought for the plan, including approval of the insertion of the suggested
evaluations strings (<.test> translated into a number of different
languages), in the root zone. According to the plan the evaluation
facilities will be launched in late September 2007.

Comments to the draft .test plan can be submitted idn-tld-test at icann.org and
viewed here http://forum.icann.org/lists/idn-tld-test/. For other questions
or inquiries regarding ICANN's IDN Program please contact Tina Dam, ICANN's
Director for the IDN Program, at tina.dam at icann.org.

Translation of the .test plan into Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, and
Chinese is currently underway and will be released shortly.

Anne-Rachel Inne
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