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Mohammed EL Bashir admin at isoc.sd
Fri Apr 13 17:10:36 SAST 2007

Hi Alan

AfTLD is a regional organization for African TLD Registries, which is 
recognized by ICANN ccNSO as a regional organization same as CENTR, 

beside providing an African input on global ccTLD policy developments 
with ICANN ccNSO, we have lots of African local issues to focus on among 
those exchange of experience, marketing and building local internet 
presence by promoting ccTLDs. Registry automated systems and Capacity 
building/training are on top of our priorities list .

there is many policy discussed in ccNSO that directly effect African 
cc's, IANA procedures, IDNs, ICANN Regions and financial contribution to 
ICANN are some examples .


Alan Levin wrote:
> Hi Mohamed,
> Thanks for this email. I really want to support Aftld but to do so I 
> need to understand it's purpose and have been a little puzzled at it 
> for a long time. This email is certainly useful to see what you're 
> thinking of but I'm still not sure.
> On 13 Apr 2007, at 1:25 AM, Eng.Mohamed EL Bashir wrote:
>> African Top Level Domains Organization ("AFTLD") was incorporated as 
>> a non-profit organization on December 19th 2002 in Mauritius. AFTLD 
>> acts as a focal point for all the African TLDs Managers, to discuss 
>> matters of policy that affect ccTLDs regionally and globally.
> Please can you explain or give examples of what matters of policy 
> affect us regionally and what has been discussed?
>> Further, AFTLD presents the African region members position on global 
>> matters relating to the DNS and ccTLDs, and is a regional body of 
>> ccNSO (country code Name Supporting Organization), one of ICANN’s 
>> supporting organization.
> Similarly, what positions do or could we have that are regional? and 
> what is or could the purpose (or benefits) of having a regional body 
> of the CCNSO?
> Warm regards,
> Alan
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