[AfrICANN-discuss] AfTLD - Administrative Manager Post Announcement ..

Alan Levin alan at futureperfect.co.za
Fri Apr 13 12:23:33 SAST 2007

Hi Mohamed,

Thanks for this email. I really want to support Aftld but to do so I  
need to understand it's purpose and have been a little puzzled at it  
for a long time. This email is certainly useful to see what you're  
thinking of but I'm still not sure.

On 13 Apr 2007, at 1:25 AM, Eng.Mohamed EL Bashir wrote:
> African Top Level Domains Organization ("AFTLD") was incorporated  
> as a non-profit organization on December 19th 2002 in Mauritius.  
> AFTLD acts as a focal point for all the African TLDs Managers, to  
> discuss matters of policy that affect ccTLDs regionally and globally.

Please can you explain or give examples of what matters of policy  
affect us regionally and what has been discussed?

> Further, AFTLD presents the African region members position on  
> global matters relating to the DNS and ccTLDs, and is a regional  
> body of ccNSO (country code Name Supporting Organization), one of  
> ICANN’s supporting organization.

Similarly, what positions do or could we have that are regional? and  
what is or could the purpose (or benefits) of having a regional body  
of the CCNSO?

Warm regards,


Alan Levin
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