[RPKI-Discuss] Delegated RPKI for AFRINIC

Zappie Host admin at zappiehost.com
Thu Apr 13 12:37:22 UTC 2023

Good day everyone.

Seeing the growing adoption rate and success of using a hosted RPKI server
and centralising the use of all ROA management in one single, LIR
controlled, platform for LIRs who have accounts in multiple RIR region. We
would love to see AFRINIC join the trend and too be able to issue delegated
certification for resources to its members.

I understand delegated RPKI has been on the AFRINIC roadmap for a long time
now. Just wondering, if any member or AFRINIC staff knew if there has been
any sort of developments on rolling this out to the AFRINIC members, or
even a super rough intention time frame?

Adam B
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