[RPKI-Discuss] AFRINIC now supports RFC 8182 (RPKI Repository Delta Protocol)

Amreesh Phokeer amreesh at afrinic.net
Tue Mar 31 09:10:32 UTC 2020

Dear colleagues,

AFRINIC is pleased to announce that we now support the RPKI Repository Delta protocol (RFC 8182). Our RRDP repository is also now live at https://rrdp.afrinic.net/notification.xml.
The deployment was completed on 30 March 2020 at 14.30 UTC.

The release of this new feature required AFRINIC to regenerate the root certificate and all underlying certificates to inject the new RRDP Subject Information Access (SIA) entry. The regeneration of the whole AFRINIC certificate tree is a delicate operation and all the necessary measures were taken to ensure it runs smoothly. Unfortunately, during the deployment process, our repository was inconsistent for about two hours. The inconsistency was caused by a configuration error in our deployment scripts, an issue that we rapidly identified and rectified. The repository state was restored after the deployment was completed.

We will ensure that extra precautionary measures are taken to ensure seamless RPKI deployment in the future, knowing the criticality of the system. Please note that deployment was done under special circumstances where access to our offline system was limited to one staff due to the ongoing curfew in Mauritius. The rest of the deployment team was remote.

We once again apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Amreesh Phokeer

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