[RPKI-discuss] SAFNOG-1: Only Seven (7) Slots Left In The Program

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Wed Mar 19 13:32:14 SAST 2014

Hello all.

The SAFNOG-1 agenda is quickly filling up with very high
quality content, and only has seven (7) slots left 

If you would like to present a paper at SAFNOG-1, please
submit your talk as soon as possible.

The program has shaped up nicely to include topics such

        - IPv6
        - IPv6-only to IPv4-only translations
        - Data centres in Africa
        - Data centre transport overlays and bridging
        - Exchange points and peering
        - MPLS forwarding.
        - BGP routing.

The topics will continue to grow to fill up the remaining
slots, and we will communicate to you once the agenda is
full. Expected are talks on SDN & NFV, DoS/DDoS, 
Latency-based routing, and more...

There are also very exciting keynotes that have been
planned, and one has already been scheduled, as you
will see on the agenda.

You can find the current agenda here:


In case you haven't yet registered to attend SAFNOG-1, please
do so at your earliest opportunity, at the link below:


Travel information for international participants coming
to SAFNOG-1 will soon be made available as well.

Mark Tinka
On Behalf of the SAFNOG Management Committee

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