[RPKI-discuss] How to announce your ROAs to global internet

Carlos M. Martinez carlosm3011 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 20:46:55 SAST 2012

Dear Gaurav,

ROAs go into repositories. RPs (relying parties, that is people or
organizations using RPKI) will fetch them from these public repositories.

If you install a validating cache utility, for example RIPE NCC's
Validation Application, it will fetch the ROAs from the repositories and
you will be able to monitor whether your ROA is being published correctly.

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On 12/17/12 4:42 PM, Gaurav Kansal wrote:
> Dear Team,
> I just create a sign ROA for my resources using APNIC Sign ROA utility.
> Now, do i have to announce that ROA separately or it will automatically
> reach to the global internet through APNIC list?
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