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[rpd] Let us do the right thing

Sylvain Baya abscoco at
Tue May 24 09:41:43 UTC 2022

Dear PDWG,

Le lundi 23 mai 2022, Owen DeLong via RPD <rpd at> a écrit :


Hi Owen,
Thanks for your email, brother!
...i think you missed few things here :-)

> On May 23, 2022, at 02:25 , Taiwo Oye <taiwo.oyewande88 at> wrote:
> Polite notice:
> I have missed some previous emails due to my schedule. This mail is
> written based on the information I have. I am opened to be directed aright.
> Dear all,
> Last year:
> There was an unexpected vacuum in the chairman position of the PDWG. This
> lead to a situation defined in section 3.6 of the CPM “varying the process”
> where laid down principles and guidelines can be distorted based on
> agreement of the WG.

Hi Taiwo,

...just for clarification, brother, please consider
the following points:

  1• only a PDWG's Chair (the BoD too...) can vary
the PDP;

  2• the PDWG was left with no PDWG's Chair after
 the recall of them;

  3• then it was not possible to really Vary the PDP;

  4• what the PDWG achieved is a fantastic story of
 collaboration & practicality of rough consensus
 based decision making within our WG;

  5• the PDWG considered the fact that the PDP
(Policy Development Process) leaves the selection
 *method*, of replacing a PDWG's Chair, up to the PDWG;

  6• the PDWG agreed on:
    • a method of selection
    • a list of eligibility criteria
    • etc.

  7• the PDWG also considered that:
    • it was necessary to have *temporary* PDWG's
 Chairs, before the PPM, to assure the continuity
of the PDWG's activities;
    • even if not authorized to varying the process,
it's its responsibility to do whatever is necessary
to fill the gap needed to reboot the PDWG;

  8• the BoD refused to appoint a temporary Chair;

  9• the PDWG's Chairs were selected during the
PPM through a simplistic method of presentation;
where the *temporary* PDWG Chair's tenures became fully compliant with the
PDP ;-)

  10• ...

> This variation gave birth to a brilliant matrix that brought about the
> selection of the current cochairs.

Interesting to know...however! it's still perfectible,
though :-)

> To the best of my knowledge, this brilliant matrix wasn’t further
> discussed and made policy to stand the test of time. Therefore, the matrix
> should rightfully be trashed after that particular situation.
> This year:
> There is a vacuum in the sit of one of the cochairs. This is a normal
> situation, there is a laid down process for handling this situation. Why
> are we still using the trashed matrix (pardon my French)
> I think the right thing is
> - A policy be drafted and discussed to put this matrix to law. (I actually
> think this matrix is brilliant and will be willing to work with anyone
> interested to making it law)
> A small nit… We cannot make law, we are not legislators. We can only make
> policy for AFRINIC. We are the AFRINIC PDWG.
> That having been said, yes, if we wish to continue using this altered
> process in variation of section 3 of the CPM, we should codify it through
> the PDP and make it policy.
> I have no strong opinion on the merits or lack thereof in doing so at this
> time.
> - according to guiding laid down procedures. I don’t think this matrix is
> allowed just yet as a means of selection, election or screening
> Correct… Neither, for that matter, are the so-called consensus criteria
> which never actually went through the formal PDP to become new rules for
> screening candidates, nor the use of any sort of nominating committee for
> the PDWG co-chair position. None of this is covered in section
> [...]
> Makes it quite clear that this envisioned variances in the process leading
> to last call for policy proposals and not the electoral process for
> co-chair selection.

...that's your point of view :-)

> - therefore. Ithink the NomCom, election committee and the entire afrinic
> community at large should do the right thing and prepare for a election
> between the four candidates in Mauritius.
> Ithink this is necessary to avoid a lawless system, set bad precedence and
> also avoid legal action against afrinic.
> I think we must also avoid setting bad precedents (the plural of
> precedent).

That's just fairness, imho!

> I’m less worried about avoiding AFRINIC getting sued as AFRINIC has become
> quite adept at attracting lawsuits in any case.

...then? :'-(


> I agree that we should return to conducting ourselves according to the
> bylaws and CPM and that failing to do so is an act of lawlessness which
> cannot be tolerated.
> Owen


Best Regards !
baya.sylvain[AT cmNOG DOT cm]|<>
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