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[rpd] AFRINIC PDWG Co-Chair Selection Timeframe

Arnaud AMELINA amelnaud at
Mon May 2 23:44:33 UTC 2022

It is weird that you dismissed my claim on Kampala, but referred to what
happened in Dakar and Nairobi where according to you the outcomes were in
my favor.

Your forgot to mention  Lusaka, Tunisia, Gaborone. Etc. as we’ve been
selecting cochairs by show of hands of participants in the room and the
outcomes were probably in favor of somebody.

Your role and that of your employer in what happened in Kampala and what
the PDP became post Kampala are in public domain.

It is therefore not surprising  to see you and team deadly defending the
same scenario for the upcoming cochair selection.

Any non-conflicted persons should be concerned that a WG and particularly a
RIR PDP lacks a consensual cochairs selection method.

« You’re only at fault if you know about the problem and choose to do
nothing »

I may not be the perfect candidate for the job, but without personal
interests and just by serving AFRICA, I may just be less harmful than

I conclude by reminding you that your intimidations and supremacist
behaviors never impressed  people from this region as to when we stand for


Le sam. 30 avr. 2022 à 22:14, Owen DeLong <owen at> a écrit :

> > On Apr 29, 2022, at 05:00, Arnaud AMELINA <amelnaud at> wrote:
> >
> > Dear Daniel,
> >
> > the problem with Physical persons present at the meeting is we repeat
> the mistakes of Kampala where people are shipped into the meeting room
> during the PPM and given tags and food to vote for certain candidates.
> You refer to this happening in Kampala, but you offer no evidence.
> I will refer to this happening in Nairobi and in Dakar where the people
> brought in most definitely supported the same outcomes that you supported
> at those meetings. I think we have a pot here attempting to insult a kettle.
> > This people often dont even know what AFRINIC or the PDP is and last
> time we witnessed even National Antems being sang by a crowd that came in
> to specifically vote for certain candidates
> You have a problem with members of a community showing national pride when
> one of their countrymen is elected?
> How does this show a disregard for the process or a lack of knowledge of
> what AFRINIC or the PDP is?
> > AFRINIC also reported an influx of registration on RPD mailing list
> which can not be used as a voter register considering the number of
> sockpuppets who have since registered on the list but are not active
> participants
> Please define your criteria for calling people “sock puppets” and please
> explain who they are and what evidence you have of sock puppetry. You are
> making vague and blanket accusations without evidence. I realize that this
> sort of FUD often seems to play well
> for you, so it is no surprise that you continue to resort to it, but
> seriously, do you have any evidence to back up these stories, or are
> you simply continuing in your role as an author of fiction for the sake of
> demagoguery?
> > Do you want to become a co-chair, how about you come forward and
> convince the WG openly here on rpd list.
> Since when is a desire to become a co-chair a requirement for expressing
> an opinion on how co-chairs should be selected? If that is the case, I
> assume you are putting your hat into the ring? I will assure you that I
> would not vote for you.
> > The WG could assess your ability to do the job through your sense of
> communication, consensus building, conflict management, etc…
> Almost certainly, as I would assess your inability to do the job precisely
> because of your communication style (demagoguery and fiction, blatant and
> wild accusations without facts or evidence, etc.), your clear bias, your
> inability to compromise and your failure to recognize that some proposals
> don’t need to reach consensus, and your tendency to escalate every conflict
> you engage in.
> Owen
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