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[rpd] Summary of Proposal AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy AFPUB-2020-GEN-006-DRAFT02

Wed Jan 5 20:45:57 UTC 2022

Dear PDWG,
 There are a number of issues with this policy that have been raised and I
am surprised that only a few were mentioned in this summary.

I am also surprised that those who were saying reciprocity was an issue
with a similar policy are now saying it's no more an issue. I would have
gone into the archive but I have better things to do.

Those who drafted this summary are now assuming the role of authors. If you
agree that this policy is not reciprocal but it should be implemented with
RIRs that it is reciprocal with then can you tell me why other similar
policies are not reaching consensus on this same basis?. This is a very
dangerous precedence. now policies can be implemented with a group. what a
good laugh we are having here.

Please what are we doing differently this time? So editorial changes are
now allowed by the same set of people who said no changes is allowed a
month before the PPM according to the CPM.   Funny enough the same person
raising this same issue is one of those who now drafted this so-called
Which version is the version that you are now claiming is reaching a
consensus here. Is it the current version before the PPM  or the version
that the authors have agreed to make editorial changes too.  What are these
editorial changes?  Can you explain them? *I hope I get a response to this.*

I see nothing different happing now from what we did. Our template is
clearly being used by the same set of people who were shouting then. The
only difference is that their will is now being implemented.  I knew this
was a script all along am not in any way surprised. some people now don't
understand what an RIR is. and suddenly we having RIR lessons.

Let us be clear on this, this policy didn't reach a consensus for the
simple fact that it is not reciprocal among other reasons.

I know that all opposition to this policy would be ignored became all
these are just a formality so I won't waste my time too much on this. The
decisions were made a long time ago and this is just a drama.  Same with
the appeals it is now the same circle of people typical way of doing
things, therefore, I can clearly predict the future. Unfortunately, the
chair of appeals is someone I respect and like so much hence I would never
comment on anything she has a hand in no matter the temptation I would
never directly or indirectly disrespect her.

Congratulation to Noah and friends, I was thinking you wait and pass this
policy at the next ppm but it seems time is running out of time and it has
to be done now.  Fortunately, I only decided to send this mail because  I
am not expecting those crazy blackmailing responses from my good friend. He
now has a court case to answer too and am sure he would finally get to
learn some lessons or maybe I should also consult on how I can press a
similar charge.  let me quote from ...."the truth is definitely stronger.
Always stay on the path of truth :-) "

Let me stop here before I get the puppet card.


On Wed, 8 Dec 2021, 16:32 PDWG Chair, <vincent at> wrote:

> *Dear PDWG, *
> * The  summary of the elements that led to the PDWG Chairs decision for
> the policy  proposal AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy - Policy
> Proposal AFPUB-2020-GEN-006-DRAFT02 that was discussed during the
> AFRINIC-34 Public Policy Meeting is as follows:- Lack of reciprocity with
> ARIN was raised and addressed by the authors and members of the PDWG, who
> mentioned that while the proposal is conservative and aims at protecting
> the resource pool of AFRINIC, AFRINIC can start with the implementation of
> resource transfers with those RIRs that have confirmed or do not require
> reciprocity. The authors also clarified that incoming transfers of legacy
> resources will be covered by the AFRINIC RSA as the recipient will have to
> become a member. After deliberation, the PDWG Co-chairs announced that
> having considered the current version of the policy proposal, the
> deliberations during the  current PPM and the editorial changes that the
> authors have committed to, they have determined that rough consensus has
> been reached. The updated version of the policy proposal, with ID
> AFPUB-2020-GEN-006-DRAFT03, was submitted on 22 Nov 2021 and is available
> at
> <> . This version of
> the proposal   will now move to Last Call and the community can further
> engage in that period.  The Last Call starts on 8 December 2021 and will
> end at 23h59 UTC on 5 January 2022. Regards, Vincent Ngundi & Darwin Da
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