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[rpd] Policy Proposal: in-region vs out-of-region use of resources, and restrictions thereon

Owen DeLong owen at
Fri Jul 30 00:37:31 UTC 2021

> On Jul 29, 2021, at 09:04 , Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at> wrote:


> This is so clear, that it is still hard to understand how people can keep defending that resources should be used out of the region, except from those who profit from getting African resources to be sent out of the continent.

> There is enough amount of information giving reasons and impediments for the resources to remain in the continent, but still there are people that pretend that is not right, simply because they want that.


If it is so clear, please point to the parts of the governing documents which actually say so.

> Sure any modification to the CPM to make it even more clear than it already is applies to any resources and retrospectively. Policies in general apply to all resources.


This is true. If the community comes to consensus about this, it would likely apply retroactively unless specified otherwise. However, as I said earlier, it is a very thorny policy area with many corner cases. I look forward to seeing policy proposal(s) for discussion as I think that the resulting discussions of their various failure modes will be enlightening to a number of people here who seem to think that drafting effective policy is a simple matter.

As someone with more than 15 years experience doing so, I can assure you that it is not a simple matter and that it is very easy, especially with a subject of this level of complexity and controversy, to insert unintended consequences and/or even the opposite of the intended result. Even the professionals often get this wrong. Look no further than the US CAN-SPAM act where paid professional legislators allegedly set out to reduce SPAM on the internet and ended up creating a set of rules which make it easier than ever to SPAM and prevent many of the prior enforcement mechanisms from working.

> Regarding time I don't think that is the case because as it stands now using most resources out of the region is already forbidden, therefore if one is using it is already not complying to the rules and must stop immediately. And even if one understands otherwise and if it is the same someone it using ALL resources out of the region it should not be given too much time to stop that given what that means to the context.


You must be an American Republican. You seem to think that continuing to repeat the same lie makes it true. It does not. It may be effective in the short term to win an election (Swift Boating is the classic example), but in the long run, the truth comes out.

Since this isn’t an election, let’s stick to the facts as they actually exist.


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