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[rpd] Fwd: PDWG Co-Chairs Recall Request

Arnaud AMELINA amelnaud at
Thu Jul 29 20:57:28 UTC 2021

Hummmmmm, Emem, laisses moi rire Ahahahahahaha...... Lol

Ton niveau d'ignorance est encore pire que ce que je pensais. Je doute fort
que toi et tous tes acolytes soyez réellement auteurs des messages que vous
postez, tant le principe d'écriture est toujours le même.

Par conséquent ce qui considère leurs interventions pour obstruction à la
bonne marche du PDP, comme un travail et qui se font payer pour ça, ce
connaissent très, pas besoin de les lister ils réagiront facilement à ce

Ceux qui pensent être redevables à une quelconque entreprise qui leur a
permis de quitter leur pays pour la 1ere font et qui font du zèle pour la
soutenir dans son processus de destruction de notre Organisation
continental, se connaissent très bien aussi.

Des preuves sur le processus de vos recrutements et mise au vert avant
chaque session du PDP, à chaque AIS.

Mais nous ne sommes pas des délateurs, votre conscience vous appartient, ça
ne regarde pas si vous choisissez de la foutre en l'air.

Bon courage.

PS: si les textes étaient de toi je suis sûr que tu ferais attention aux
manque de respect de tes aînés comme c'est le principe en Afrique, tu peux
dire tous ce que tu veux me concernant, mais si tu continue à manquer du
respect aux aînés tu nous trouveras sur ton chemin et cette fois c'est nous
qui dévoilerons tous sur la place publique.

Bon courage


Le jeu. 29 juil. 2021 à 18:11, Emem William <dwizard65 at> a écrit :

> Dear Noah,

> I am sure you know what I mean by 'paid to do a job'. You are telling some

> of the truth. You can tell it all. I leave you to your conscience if you

> have one.

> You mentioned Af* Org. It would be interesting to know who and who profit

> from it.

> You see we all value AFRINIC and its role with the ecosystem and no one

> would pray for her death, but you guys have sucked this organization

> enough. You need to let it breath some fresh air. Some of you have grown

> old with gray hairs within AFRINIC and yet you still want to dictate things

> and milk it dry. Is it that they can't have a life outside of AFRINIC?.

> Funny enough you claim you are not benefiting anything. Please don't put

> hands in my mouth if not I will spill it all out.


> The board chair is brave indeed. That is why he has put AFRINIC in a big

> mess. A mess like never before. Ofcourse he is doing your bidding, why

> won't you praise him?.


> For your information what AFRINIC needs right now is a board chair who has

> achieved great things outside of AFRINIC, someone who has climbed up the

> ladder in a private or government enterprise. Someone well respected in

> terms of achievements in life.


> AFRINIC deserves better. We have the quality needed but the likes of you

> won't allow them in AFRINIC.


> Cheers,

> Emem William



> On Thu, Jul 29, 2021, 15:42 Noah <noah at> wrote:


>> Emem


>> On Thu, 29 Jul 2021, 16:07 Emem William, <dwizard65 at> wrote:




>> They were appointed via the fictitious imagination of Noah, <snip> who

>>> are paid to do a job



>> You will need to be more specific on the "paid to do a job".


>> Its no doubt that, I am paid a salary by my great employer monthly as

>> part of a team of engineers whose role is to build the AFRICAN Internet

>> across the East Coast of Africa on real subsea network infrastructure.


>> As for AFRINIC, they covered my expenses whenever I travelled to AFRINIC

>> meetings as an elected representative of the AFRINIC community at the ICANN

>> ASO-AC during my 3 years term which ended a year go. Is this what you mean

>> Oga?


>> I actually saved AFRINIC expenses by not traveling to any ICANN meeting

>> even though I had the right to travel to those ICANN meetings on the NRO

>> expenses. I never did since most of the ASO-AC work is done remotely.


>> As a network engineering instructor who volunteers to transfer skills

>> across Africa, I get invited by Af* Org, NOG's to organize technical

>> workshops and also train our people. My expenses are normally covered for

>> this. Is this what you mean?


>> This September, I have been invited to train some University Network

>> engineers on Campus Network Design... the organisers may cover some

>> expenses... is this what you mean by getting paid?


>> So when you claim, I get paid by AFRINIC, yet I don't work for AFRINIC,

>> what exactly do you mean?.


>> Or you think every passionate participant and volunteer in the African

>> Interner ecosystem is paid?



>> with the help of the Board chair who is determined to ruin AFRINIC.




>> You mean a brave board chair and the team of directors who are all

>> volunteers with the guts to hold resource members accountable.? Who can

>> not be corrupted.?


>> The role of a board and the chairman is to ensure accountability reigns

>> and responsible management of number resources is upheld.


>> This is not the era of accountability. Deal with it.


>> Cheers,

>> Noah


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