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[rpd] [Community-Discuss] Unaddressed queries by AFRINIC during AGMM

Owen DeLong owen at
Wed Jul 14 10:08:45 UTC 2021

> On Jul 3, 2021, at 13:38 , Noah <noah at> wrote:


> Owen....


> On Fri, 2 Jul 2021, 10:58 Owen DeLong via RPD, <rpd at <mailto:rpd at>> wrote:

> Full disclosure: I don’t personally have a dog in this fight. I am personally

> agnostic as to whether leasing should or should not be permitted in a

> newly developed policy.


> Resource Membership is what is allowed based on number resources need with a purpose to number "open system protocol network services" based infrastructure in each respective region.


> The numbering then supports delivery of a wide range of IP based services, from public and private Internet connectivity for a wide range of use cases, public and private hosting and naming/dns .... stuff you are familiar with.





> I do have a client that I consult for which is in the leasing business.


> So a new resource member with a need from South Sudan today, can no longer get IPv4 space from AFRINIC and that entity only option is to lease from your client running a leasing business of IPv4 allocated to them by the same AFRINIC? . At a higher cost of 30USD per IPv4..... SAD.

First, I have no idea why they would be unable to get resources from AFRINIC at this time.

Second, I have no idea where you came up with that price. For $30USD/address one can buy addresses rather than lease them, so I can’t imagine any leasing provider charging that kind of price and getting away with it.

> It is my

> opinion that their leasing business is 100% compliant with policy as it is

> written


> Read the Bylaws + Policies + RSA combined.

I have, several times.

> and that if the community doesn’t like that fact,


> Its not about liking, this stuff is absurd.

It’s really not.

> the community can

> and should certainly amend the policy to rectify the situation.


> Nollywood actors have this famous line that goes... "Nonsense" which is an expressions of stuff which don't make no sense...

So it’s nonsense that if the community wants the policy to prohibit leasing, they should write policy to prohibit leasing? Really?

Interesting perspective.


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