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[rpd] [Community-Discuss] Unaddressed queries by AFRINIC during AGMM

Fernando Frediani fhfrediani at
Sat Jul 3 20:28:21 UTC 2021

Hi Noah

Yes I am aware of that. That's why I mentioned soon-to-come.
I am confident we as community will be able to reach consensus in
another good Inter-RIR policy at some point in the near future, not like
that old rushed and bad discussed one which injected to keep legacy
status for legacy holders at the very last minute without any discussion.

I agree members holding IPv4 space and not building infrastructure
should return that space to the RIR or transfer to another AfriNic
members. That's pretty obvious but unfortunately there are people trying
to make it normal members to hold large amount of unused IP space just
to rent to a non connectivity customer.


On 03/07/2021 17:09, Noah wrote:

> Hi Fernando,


> On Fri, 2 Jul 2021, 18:56 Fernando Frediani, <fhfrediani at

> <mailto:fhfrediani at>> wrote:



> Want to use AfriNic resources in a different region ? Simply transfer

> them permanently using the soon-to-come Inter-RIR transfer policy and

> bound to the rules of the new RIR.



> The AFRINIC community has not reached consensus on any of the

> Inter-RIR transfer policy proposals.


> One of the policies is under two major appeals by the PDWG as it did

> not follow the PDP.


> AFRINIC staff cautioned that a transfer policy would mean potential

> for some large members moving all the IPv4 space from AFRINIC region

> to another RIR region. AFRINIC would have no choice but to hike

> membership fees due to loose of large members. Checkmate....


> The Internet Infrastructure across Africa continues to develop. No

> kidding....


> AFRINIC would have to also increase fees as it looses members. NRO

> reports are useful, folks should read them. Money follows Money....


> Members holding IPv4 space and not building Infrastructure using "open

> system protocol network services" per Bylaws....should return that

> space to AFRINIC or transfer the space to AFRINIC members who are

> putting IPv4 space to real use in AFRICA as it was intended and coded

> in the AFRINIC bylaws. Building the African Internet.....


> Every IPv4 source and destination inside AFRICA has an impact,

> economically, socially and politically. Remember that......


> Cheers,

> Noah


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