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Mark Elkins mje at
Wed Jun 2 09:15:41 UTC 2021

Arnaud - beautifully written,

(@Daniel - try:- )

You capture my sentiment exactly. It has also been shown in the past
that Consensus overrules Elections in the PDP. Case in point - I was the
only person standing - who went through the Election Process for PDWG
Co-Chair election in Dakar - yet was not allowed to run by the consensus
in the room. Not the whole picture - but Consensus wins.

Also - it's quite stupid (a waste of resources) to have someone only
serve in a position for a month or so.

On 6/2/21 9:46 AM, Arnaud AMELINA wrote:

> Mon Cher Daniel,


> Courir ou Sauter, l'importance est d'arriver à la bonne destination,

> et avec ce qui s'est passé, je suis convaincu que nous y sommes

> arrivés, je dis encore félicitation à la communauté du PDP et bon

> courage dans leur mission au nouveaux co-chairs. Vous aimez le

> principe de vote dans le PDWG parce que facilement manipulable, non ?

> Et nous en avons eu les preuves à maintes reprises, nous sommes une

> communauté, du moins à ce que je pense, pas des antagonistes, ni moins

> des ennemis, alors pourquoi ne pouvons-nous pas nous entendre pour

> régler et faire avancer les choses en regardant l'intérêt de l'Afrique

> pas nos propres intérêts? Tu es le seul à toujours dire qu'on ne

> s'entend pas, que les gens sont égoïstes, qu'on est divisé, qu'il

> n'est pas possible d'obtenir un consensus entre nous, mais tout ce qui

> s'est passé ces derniers temps ta donné tort, alors résous toi à

> rejoindre le groupe, laisse tes intérêts personnels et cesses de

> soutenir les ennemis de l'Afrique. Merci pour ta compréhension. Si tu

> t'es senti offensé alors toutes mes excuses. Mais c'est ce que j'ai

> sur le coeur ce beau matin, suite à ton message que je viens de lire.

> Bonne journée à toutes et à tous.


> --

> Arnaud



> Le mar. 1 juin 2021 à 22:28, Daniel Yakmut via RPD <rpd at

> <mailto:rpd at>> a écrit :


> Dear All,


> This was what I had warned us about. Attempting to force the

> nomination of the co-chairs on permanent basis will not hold

> water. That was why I was advocating that we make whatever we were

> doing regarding the co-chairs without election must be temporary.


> Truly, we have a petition against the Co-Chairs eligibility to

> continue to manage the PWDG. The petition should have put things

> on hold, but we carried on as if nothing.


> I want to suggest that we need to pause here and address the

> concerns. Else we will be acting contrary to our believes of

> openness and transparency.


> " We have refused to run but chose to jump"


> Simply,


> Daniel




> On 30/05/2021 12:25 am, Emem William wrote:


>> Dear AFRINIC Board, CEO, LC and RPD Community,


>> *“Consequently, the PDWG is hereby informed and advised that it

>> is a matter of sound and settled legal principle that, pending

>> the outcome of the Appeal Committee proceedings, it (PDWG)

>> refrains from entertaining any request emanating from the

>> relevant co-authors of the said policy proposals for further

>> amending these proposals on the legal principle of /pendente

>> lite/. It is also my considered view that any attempt in the

>> meantime by the latter to submit a newly purported version of

>> their policy proposal will be inadmissible (non-receivable) in

>> law”. *


>> *Ashok.B.Radhakissoon.*


>> *Legal  Counsel*


>> Above is a quotation from the email sent by AFRINIC LC on 9^th

>>  of Dec 2020. Going by his fact (supported by the CEO and Liaison

>> officer) and the fact that we submitted an appeal against the

>> minority declaration of consensus on the position of Co-chairs

>> recently, we would like to state that we currently have no

>> co-chairs and I wonder why some individuals are parading

>> themselves as the Co-chairs for this WG.


>>  Let me be clear that until the determination of the appeal and

>> until we exhaust all legal means, AFRINIC Liaison staff are to be

>> coordinating the WG as the consensus declaration is

>> “inadmissible”.   This is also because this was the last

>> consensus we had on this issue. I do not want to believe and

>> would not agree that some impostors would sit as co-chairs during

>> the forthcoming policy sessions during AIS '21. I want to believe

>> that the two gentlemen are just helping staff and would not be

>> parading themselves as Co-chairs.  I hope the CEO and staff would

>> note this to prevent a situation where we would have to begin

>> this argument throughout the meeting.


>> I am also surprised that Liaison staff and NOMCOM did not seek

>> nomination for the position of Co-chairs. It is no longer news

>> that one of the co-chairs we unanimously elected in Uganda for a

>> two-year team should be finishing his tenure during AIS-21.

>> Therefore, we are supposed to be having an election during this

>> meeting. To my surprise, up till now, we don’t have a call for

>> nomination rather we have two people illegally calling themselves

>> Co-Chairs without been elected by the community.


>>   I hope the CEO and LC would respond to my email before the

>> meeting next week so that we don’t find our having to spend all

>> the time during the policy session during the AIS on this issue.


>> As a way forward, for us to spend our time discussing policies

>> and not this issue during the upcoming AIS and to avoid wasting

>> our precious time, I would suggest that we rectify the situation

>> now and ask NOMCOM to call for nomination so that we can move

>> forward. The Co-chair can be elected at the beginning of the

>> meeting. I am sure we can reach a consensus on this and I would

>> be ready to help coordinate this if liaison staff would be too

>> busy preparing for the meeting.


>> Thank you !


>> Best regards,

>> Emem William



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