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Emem William dwizard65 at
Sat May 29 23:25:51 UTC 2021

Dear AFRINIC Board, CEO, LC and RPD Community,

*“Consequently, the PDWG is hereby informed and advised that it is a matter
of sound and settled legal principle that, pending the outcome of the
Appeal Committee proceedings, it (PDWG) refrains from entertaining any
request emanating from the relevant co-authors of the said policy proposals
for further amending these proposals on the legal principle of pendente
lite. It is also my considered view that any attempt in the meantime by the
latter to submit a newly purported version of their policy proposal will be
inadmissible (non-receivable) in law”. *


*Legal Counsel*

Above is a quotation from the email sent by AFRINIC LC on 9th of Dec 2020.
Going by his fact (supported by the CEO and Liaison officer) and the fact
that we submitted an appeal against the minority declaration of consensus
on the position of Co-chairs recently, we would like to state that we
currently have no co-chairs and I wonder why some individuals are parading
themselves as the Co-chairs for this WG.

Let me be clear that until the determination of the appeal and until we
exhaust all legal means, AFRINIC Liaison staff are to be coordinating the
WG as the consensus declaration is “inadmissible”. This is also because
this was the last consensus we had on this issue. I do not want to believe
and would not agree that some impostors would sit as co-chairs during the
forthcoming policy sessions during AIS '21. I want to believe that the two
gentlemen are just helping staff and would not be parading themselves as
Co-chairs. I hope the CEO and staff would note this to prevent a situation
where we would have to begin this argument throughout the meeting.

I am also surprised that Liaison staff and NOMCOM did not seek nomination
for the position of Co-chairs. It is no longer news that one of the
co-chairs we unanimously elected in Uganda for a two-year team should be
finishing his tenure during AIS-21. Therefore, we are supposed to be having
an election during this meeting. To my surprise, up till now, we don’t have
a call for nomination rather we have two people illegally calling
themselves Co-Chairs without been elected by the community.

I hope the CEO and LC would respond to my email before the meeting next
week so that we don’t find our having to spend all the time during the
policy session during the AIS on this issue.

As a way forward, for us to spend our time discussing policies and not this
issue during the upcoming AIS and to avoid wasting our precious time, I
would suggest that we rectify the situation now and ask NOMCOM to call for
nomination so that we can move forward. The Co-chair can be elected at the
beginning of the meeting. I am sure we can reach a consensus on this and I
would be ready to help coordinate this if liaison staff would be too busy
preparing for the meeting.

Thank you !
Best regards,
Emem William
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