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[rpd] Selection of PDP co-chairs - Secretariat recap & lessons learnt - English

Tue Apr 13 07:17:33 UTC 2021

Dear AFRINIC Policy Liaison,

Thank you for your email, however I am surprised by your lack of honesty,
sincerity and attempt to colour the face of the public with some of the
content of your supposed "recap and lesson learnt". Is this a recap or
another attempt to justify the actions of some people?.

I believe any AFRINIC staff and particularly the PDWG liaison officer are
paid to provide an objective and unbiased opinion however durring my time
as Co- chair and in recent days I have seen a high level of bias and an
attempt to swing things in a particular direction by some AFRINIC staff.

Whenever we take actions as Co-chairs that you in a way disagree with you
find a way to always ask us for precidence or more justification which I
have always dig the archives for and I always provide precidence to you and
justified all my actions even when I feel it's not needed.

I hope you would also justify and provide precedence to all these your
actions in recent days while acting as the secretariat.

You clearly have valid objections to your actions yet to went ahead to
fully implement them. I wonder what you call this? I remember one of your
arguments to us then that if a process is being challenged you have to stop
and take no further actions. Yes, I disagreed with you then but I was
thinking you would do same now.

More importantly in your summary you mentioned consensus in the choice of
your self appointed Co-chairs. BECAUSE we clearly have numerous emails
saying that they disagree and you still called it a consensus choice in
your 'recap'. In fact you made no attempt to make a meaningful reference to
those objections. I wonder what your definition of consensus is?. Then you
always ask that we include objections in our summary which we always do cos
it was the right thing to do. Even dou, what we judged then was not a
consensus but rough concensus.

While I disagree with any fake registrations on the mailing list, I am
surprised that you are attempting to link the surge with some
announcements on the mailing list. Do you consider any other reason? Even
if the IPs is from one household. How many household have you ever seen
only one person living there or is it now a crime for multiple people in an
household to join the mailing list?. I just don't understand your arguments
here. You even went further to even link an email with an opinion. What
are you trying to do here? This to me seams like an attempt to help some
people to manipulate the situation in there favour and this is not your job
in anyway. This I/we clearly observed when I was co-chair and I mentioned
it to you on few occasions directly or via email.

Finally, below is the content of my email to you please tell me where I
mention that my CV was shared "without my permission"
I made it clear that I prepared the CV and gave it out the CV, only that I
wasn't told that it was meant for the AFRINIC Co-chair position. The CV
was tailored for something else in mind. CV's are tailored towards a
particular position to show competence in an area specific to that
You should have used my exact wordings to avoid this type of situation
and avoid anyone taking offence.
I believe and see this as a deliberate to embarrass me and those who
nominated me hence I need to point it out clearly

Dear Secretariat,
I thank those who nominated without consulting me properly, but the
attached CV was prepared by me having something else in mind as I was never
told it was meant for AFRINIC co-chair position.
I have consulted those who nominated me and I have also rejected the
nomination,therefore I would be glad if my CV and picture and any other
information is complete taken down from the public galary

My humble advice is that Policy Liaison Officers should totally avoid being
biased and stay professional. It is not your job to judge people you are to
only state facts and you need to state the fact as it was without any
opinion and allow the community to decide. You can also be part of the
community but don't do that as AFRINIC staff. It is a clear abuse.
I hope that now that we have two people working in this role things
would get better.


On Mon, 12 Apr 2021, 15:43 AFRINIC Policy Liaison, <
policy-liaison at> wrote:

> *Dear PDWG,*


























> * We would like to share with you a recap as well as some lessons learned

> through our experience while facilitating the discussions of replacing the

> PDWG Co-Chair. 1. The PDWG Co-Chair Replacement Recap: 6 February 2021:

> The recall committee submitted the outcome of its recall request . The two

> co-chairs Abdulkarim Oloyede and Moses Serugo were recalled effective 4

> February 2021. 10 February 2021: The Chairman of the Board encouraged the

> Policy Development Working Group to find a way forward to fill these 2

> vacancies that came as a result of the recall. 19 February 2021: Following

> requests from the PDWG members, AFRINIC, in its role as secretariat to the

> PDWG, accepted to facilitate the discussions. 26 March 2021: The Board

> urged the PDWG to come together and decide on a way forward before the

> 10th of April to ensure a smooth PPM else the board would have no choice

> than to intervene. AFRINIC, in its role as PDWG Secretariat and

> facilitator, proposed a calendar of activities that would allow the PDWG to

> complete its selection by April 9th 2021. 1 April 2021: The Call of

> Interest was opened for the nomination of candidates for the 2 co-chair

> positions and Nomcom2021 was contacted to provide support on the process as

> requested by the PDWG. Nomcom2021 informed AFRINIC that they will be

> available from April 8th 2021. 4 April 2021: The Call for nominations

> was closed 5 April 2021: AFRINIC, in its role as PDWG Secretariat and

> facilitator, informed the PDWG that 6 nominations were received and

> encouraged the PDWG to map the way forward with the selection of their

> co-chairs 7 April 2021: AFRINIC, in its role as PDWG Secretariat and

> facilitator, announced that the verifications of the nominations with the

> nominators and seconders was ongoing 8 April 2021 : AFRINIC, in its role as

> PDWG Secretariat and facilitator, informed the community that 2 of the

> candidates nominators had not given their consent to be nominators, one

> candidate had only one nominator. These candidates Namely Widjane Goubi ,

> Anthony Ikechukwu Uba and Elvis Ibeanusi were all disqualified due to

> failure to comply with the process. The other 3 candidates’ nominators

> and seconders had responded positively during the verification exercise

> making Darwin da Costa, Vincent Ngundi and Abdulkarim Oloyede the only

> legitimate candidates. AFRINIC shared the list of candidates as well as

> discussed criteria on the PDWG to the Nomcom2021 for further processing. 9

> April 2021 : The nominee Abdulkarim Oloyede rejected his nomination 9

> April 2021 : the Nomcom2021 informed AFRINIC, in its role as secretariat

> and facilitator, that they could observe a general consensus of the PDWG

> towards selection of the co-chairs based on criteria and term limits 9

> April 2021 : AFRINIC in its role as Secretariat and facilitator to the

> PDWG, sent a summary of the status on the 9th of April with the options the

> PDWG members were discussing. 9 April to 10 April 2021: The PDWG members

> showed support to a proposal by a PDWG member to have Mr. Darwin da Costa

> and Mr. Vincent Ngundi serve as co-chairs till the first PPM of 2022 and

> the first PPM of 2023 respectively. The PDWG discussed the CPM aspects of

> the proposal however there was a clear rough consensus from the PDWG in

> support for the proposal. 10 April 2021 : AFRINIC in its role as

> Secretariat and facilitator informed the Board of the decision of the PDWG.

> For practical reasons, the PDWG recommended tenure of 2 years for Mr

> Vincent Ngundi and 1 year for Mr Darwin da Costa respectively. The Board

> took note of the wish of the PDWG and proceeded accordingly by passing a

> resolution to confirm its approval, as an exceptional measure, of the

> selected Co-chairs for the proposed tenure lengths starting from April 10th

> 2021. The Chairman of the Board congratulated the Policy Development

> Working Group (PDWG) on taking a consensus-based approach at selecting the

> 2 new co-chairs. 1. Lessons learnt as Facilitator - Nomination

> Verification: We would like to apologise to the PDWG for sharing the

> information of the nominations and nominators before validating with the

> concerned parties. We did not expect that some of the nominees would

> deviate this far. This was definitely a lesson well learnt. - Removal of

> information: We wish to also inform you that we received two requests for

> removing some specific information from the archives of our mailing list.

> As it currently stands, for historical accuracy, the archives can not be

> altered, however, to be fair to the affected parties, we would like the

> PDWG to note the following: - The indicated nominator on the form for the

> candidate Wijdane Goubi has requested their data to be removed from the

> rpd mailing list as their data was shared without their permission. -

> Abdulkarim Oloyede has requested the AFRINIC Secretariat to remove all the

> information shared about his nomination as it was shared without his

> permission. - Peak in new subscriptions on the list: We, as secretariat,

> have observed a peak in the number of subscriptions on the rpd mailing list

> towards the end of the discussions and after the final communication from

> the board on the 10th April 2021. These accounts have posted only once on

> the list attacking the legitimacy of the process and PDWG consensus. It is

> noteworthy that we saw several accounts registering from the same

> residential IP address. - Onboarding as PDWG There seems to be attempts to

> destabilise the future of the PDWG by propagating distorted images of what

> community discussions and rough consensus are truly about. With Newcomers

> and African Youth believing in these unfounded distorted images, the

> confusion around all matters that are discussed on the rpd mailing list

> will persist for a long time. AFRINIC plans on holding a session on

> diversity and inclusion during the upcoming AIS meeting as well as a series

> of upcoming webinars to see how we can better onboard our African youth and

> make sure that their contributions help us build together the future of the

> digital economy in Africa. We finally take this opportunity to thank the

> PDWG for their continued support and contribution. We trust that the PDWG

> will support the co-chairs in their role and continue to put in their

> efforts at building a healthy environment for resource policies to be

> developed in accordance with the bottom-up principle. Regards *


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