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[rpd] Eligibility Criteria for PDWG chairs

Daniel Yakmut yakmutd at
Mon Mar 29 21:47:40 UTC 2021

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On 29/03/2021 6:34 pm, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ via RPD wrote:


> I object to G as worded. I don’t think that was the discussion and

> will not be according to the PDP.


> If I’m an author of a policy proposal, I can recuse myself, but that

> leaves a single chair, which is the college “sitting next” of the

> self-recused one. This is clearly prone to subjectivity, doubts about

> the consensus judgement, and open field for appeals.


My understanding is that anyone nominated to be a co-chair and has a
policy proposal running, then he/she has let go of the policy as an
author before he/she qualifies to sit as a Co-Chair.

> I can understand a recusation of 1 person in a “group of 4 or more

> co-chairs” (to give an example), but not with just 2. Also, imagine

> the case where we have 4 co-chairs and 3 of them are authors of the

> same or different policy proposals … It is a mess, not a good neither

> desirable situation.


> If you’re playing as an author, find, but then don’t play as co-chair

> “simultaneously”. If you plan to be candidate for co-chair, you need

> to stop working on proposals that may be in the game during your

> election/tenure. It is a very simple decision.


> I can live with H, but I think it must be clarified if at elections

> time (I think so) or you need to step down if you stop residing in the

> region. Not sure if others also supported my perspective that “born in

> the region” must not be acceptable. Just imagine a family originated

> in Africa, but living in any other region, and during summer vacations

> a kid is born in any place in Africa, but is only coming to the region

> every few years. I don’t think that will be a valid candidate, as this

> person has no “real” day-to-day contact with the region, which is the

> only reason it is good to have a resident in the region, instead of

> being open to “any participant in the PDWG”.


> Regards,


> Jordi


> @jordipalet


> El 29/3/21 16:40, "AFRINIC Policy Liaison" <policy-liaison at

> <mailto:policy-liaison at>> escribió:


> Dear PDWG


> We have assessed the feedback received for the period 26 March 21:19

> UTC+4 to 29 March 2021 08:35 UTC +4, in regard to the eligibility

> criteria  and have updated the list and wording.


> The list of criteria for the selection of PDWG co-chairs is as follows :-




> A.The intended volunteer must be well conversant with AFRINIC’s

> consensus-driven ecosystem, including its Policy Development Process;

> practical  understanding of RFC 7282 is required.


> B.The intended volunteer must be accessible and make himself or

> herself available to follow and moderate all policy proposal

> discussions on AFRINIC’s rpd mailing list as well as attending AFRINIC

> Public Policy Meetings whenever they are held (Note: All logistical

> assistance will be provided by AFRINIC);


> C.The intended volunteer must have at least 3 years of sufficient past

> and active participative experience on either AFRINIC’s or any other

> RIR’s policy development mailing list;


> D.The Intended volunteer must have participated in at least two (2)

> AFRINIC Public Policy Meetings (face-to-face or virtual) in the past

> three (3) years;


> E.The intended volunteer must have sufficient capability of

> understanding and interpreting the contents of AFRINIC’s Consolidated

> Policy Manual;


> F.The intended volunteer must be able to demonstrate good technical

> knowledge and understanding of the Internet ecosystem. Having 3 to 5

> years of *Internet Protocol *related technical experience would be an

> advantage


> G.The intended volunteer shall not be the author of any of the policy

> proposals currently under  discussion or agree to recuse oneself as

> author/co-author of any policy proposals under discussion;


> H.The intended volunteer must either reside within or originate from 

> AFRINIC’s service region;


> I.The intended volunteer must be able to demonstrate excellent

> presentation and communication skills.


> J.The intended volunteer must be endorsed and/or nominated by a

> registered contact of an  AFRINIC Resource Member


> Please advise if you as the Working Group approve of them  before they

> are published online.


> version francaise




> Cher PDWG


> Nous avons évalué les commentaires reçus pour la période du 26 mars

> 21:19 UTC+4 au 29 mars 2021 08:35 UTC +4, en ce qui concerne les

> critères d'éligibilité et nous avons rédigé la liste.


> La liste des critères pour la sélection des co-présidents du PDWG est

> la suivante :-


> A.Le volontaire concerné doit bien connaître l'écosystème consensuel

> d'AFRINIC, y compris son processus d'élaboration des politiques ; une

> compréhension pratique du RFC 7282 est requise.


> B.Le volontaire doit être accessible et se rendre disponible pour

> suivre et modérer toutes les discussions sur les propositions de

> politique sur la liste de diffusion rpd d'AFRINIC, ainsi que pour

> assister aux réunions de politique publique d'AFRINIC lorsqu'elles ont

> lieu (Note : Toute l'assistance logistique sera fournie par AFRINIC) ;


> C.Le volontaire concerné doit avoir au moins 3 ans d'expérience

> suffisante et active de participation à la liste de diffusion de

> l'élaboration des politiques de l'AFRINIC ou de tout autre RIR ;


> D.Le volontaire concerné doit avoir participé à au moins deux (2)

> réunions de politique publique d'AFRINIC (en face à face ou

> virtuelles) au cours des trois (3) dernières années ;


> E.Le volontaire concerné doit avoir une aptitude à comprendre et à

> interpréter le contenu du consolidated policy manual de l'AFRINIC ;


> F.Le volontaire concerné doit être capable de démontrer une bonne

> connaissance technique et une bonne compréhension de l'écosystème

> Internet. Une expérience technique de 3 à 5 ans dans le domaine du

> protocole Internet serait un avantage.


> G.Le volontaire concerné ne doit pas être l'auteur de l'une des

> propositions de politique actuellement en discussion ou accepter de se

> récuser en tant qu'auteur/co-auteur de toute proposition de politique

> en discussion ;


> H.Le candidat concerné doit résider dans la région de service

> d'AFRINIC ou en être originaire ;


> I.Le volontaire doit être capable de démontrer d'excellentes

> compétences en matière de présentation et de communication.


> J.Le volontaire concerné doit être soutenu et/ou nommé par un contact

> enregistré d'un membre ressource d'AFRINIC.


> Veuillez nous informer si le Working Group les approuvent avant

> qu'elles ne soient publiées en ligne.


> Best Regards


> AFRINIC Policy Liaison. t: +230 403 51 00 | f: +230 466 6758 | tt:

> @afrinic | w:<>




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