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[rpd] Eligibility Criteria for PDWG chairs

Emem William dwizard65 at
Fri Mar 26 19:04:02 UTC 2021

Dear PD Working Group,

Please read Inbetween the lines. I see and have been quietly observing a
pattern here.
It looks like the board chair and his friends are planning a grand plot
here. Quite intelligently planned.

Chairs Recalled: Board Chair and 3 of his friends needed to execute the
plot . To recall PDWG chair. You need Board Chair and 3 friends. Hummm..

Policy passed by the WG but Board chair and his friends didn't like it.
They decided to say the chairs never sent the mail cos they know they can't
pull a super majority on the board so it better killed. We all remember the
advice from Ashok a while ago on the board prerogative policy.

Ashok and board chair?

Co-Chairs informed me and us all here that they did. What going on here ?
Even if they did not the documents are available in the public domain.

Appeal Committee was next. Board Chair again. If there is an appeal that
you want to influence. Ask one AC member to resign and suddenly no more
quorum. Then Board Chair and his friends are replacing them all.

Now Co Chair replacement: Board chair wants to appoint in conjunction with
friends and Madhvi.
I remember, I once read something on this mailing list about Madhvi..
But by they way it's now
Ashok, Board Chair and Madhvi(SM)...I see a pattern.

We now know what to do
I rest my case.

Before I go..

I hope AFRINIC would recover one day.
But I must empasis that it's never the prerogative of the board chair to
appoint PDWG chair neither is it that of the board. It should never happen
if we all are awake.

The board chair and friends are trying hard to circumvent the community in
all the process.
I see a pattern..

Bye for now.

Emem William

On Fri, Mar 26, 2021, 18:20 Madhvi Gokool <madhvi at> wrote:






























> * Dear PDWG, I submit to you the below proposed eligibility criteria which

> are based upon the previous discussions on the rpd mailing list. We

> encourage you to follow the following guidelines to facilitate the

> compilation of your feedback:- 1. Please read and thoroughly review the

> list of eligibility criteria. 2. Please reply back to this email to

> keep the same thread of the discussion to ensure that your feedback is

> read. 3. If there are any criteria that you either support or do not

> support, please clearly refer to it and provide concise feedback (refer to

> the numbering in the list below). 4. If there are new criteria that you

> would like to propose, please clearly mention it concisely and add a new

> numbering. Proposed Eligibility Criteria 1. The intended volunteer must

> be well conversant with AFRINIC’s consensus-driven ecosystem, including its

> Policy Development Process; A practical understanding of RFC 7282 is

> required. 2. The intended volunteer must be accessible and make himself or

> herself available to follow and moderate all policy proposal discussions on

> AFRINIC’s rpd mailing list as well as attending AFRINIC Public Policy

> Meetings whenever they are held (Note: All logistical assistance will be

> provided by AFRINIC); 3. The intended volunteer must have at least 3 years

> of sufficient past and active participative experience on either AFRINIC’s

> or any other RIR’s rpd mailing list; 4. The Intended volunteer must have

> participated in at least two (2) AFRINIC events (face-to-face or virtual)

> in the past three (3) years; 5. The intended volunteer must have sufficient

> capability of understanding and interpreting the contents of AFRINIC’s

> Consolidated Policy Manual; 6. The intended volunteer must be able to

> demonstrate good technical knowledge and understanding of the Internet

> ecosystem. Having 3 years of related technical experience would be an

> advantage 7. Not being author of any of the policy proposals currently

> under discussion. The following are proposals not in the discussion

> threads : H)The intended volunteer must either reside within or originate

> from AFRINIC’s service region; I) The intended volunteer must be able to

> demonstrate excellent presentation and communication skills. We look

> forward to receiving your comments and feedback. ……………………………………………………………..

> Cher PDWG, Je vous communique les critères d'éligibilité proposés

> ci-dessous, qui sont basés sur les discussions précédentes sur la liste de

> diffusion rpd. Nous vous encourageons à suivre les directives suivantes

> afin de faciliter la compilation de vos commentaires :- 1. Veuillez lire et

> examiner attentivement la liste des critères d'éligibilité. 2. Veuillez

> répondre à ce courriel afin de conserver le même fil de discussion et de

> vous assurer que vos commentaires sont lus. 3. S'il y a des critères que

> vous soutenez ou non, veuillez y faire clairement référence et fournir un

> retour d'information concis (veuillez vous référer à la numérotation dans

> la liste ci-dessous). 4. S'il y a de nouveaux critères que vous souhaitez

> proposer, veuillez le mentionner clairement et de manière concise et

> ajouter une nouvelle numérotation. Critères d'éligibilité proposés 1. Le

> volontaire concerné doit bien connaître l'écosystème consensuel d'AFRINIC,

> y compris son processus d'élaboration des politiques. Une compréhension

> pratique du RFC 7282 est requise. 2. Le volontaire concerné doit être

> accessible et se rendre disponible pour suivre et modérer toutes les

> discussions sur les propositions de politique sur la liste de diffusion rpd

> d'AFRINIC, ainsi que pour assister aux réunions de politique publique

> d'AFRINIC lorsqu'elles ont lieu (Note : Toute l'assistance logistique sera

> fournie par AFRINIC) ; 3. Le volontaire concerné doit avoir au moins 3 ans

> d'expérience suffisante et active de participation à la liste de diffusion

> rpd de l'AFRINIC ou de tout autre RIR ; 4. Le volontaire concerné doit

> avoir participé à au moins deux (2) événements AFRINIC (face à face ou

> virtuels) au cours des trois (3) dernières années ; 5. Le volontaire

> concerné doit avoir une capacité suffisante de compréhension et

> d'interprétation du contenu du Consolidated Policy Manual d'AFRINIC ; 6. Le

> volontaire concerné doit être capable de démontrer une bonne connaissance

> technique et une bonne compréhension de l'écosystème Internet. Une

> expérience technique de 3 ans dans ce domaine serait un avantage. 7. Ne

> doit pas être l'auteur de l'une des propositions de politique actuellement

> en discussion. Les propositions suivantes ne figurent pas dans les fils de

> discussion : 1. Le volontaire concerné doit soit résider ou soit en être

> originaire de la région de service d'AFRINIC, ; 2. Le volontaire doit être

> capable de démontrer d'excellentes capacités de présentation et de

> communication. Nous nous attendons à recevoir vos commentaires et

> feedbacks. *


> Regards


> Madhvi


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