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[rpd] Larus foundation and Afrinic PDP

Arnaud AMELINA amelnaud at
Sun Jan 12 12:21:14 UTC 2020

Dear community,

You may remember the recent discussions about Larus Foundation fellowship
in respect to educational documents provided to fellows as meeting
background material(*) and which intended to condition their views on
proposals and their contributions at the PPM and after..

I came across the actual agreement which defines the terms and conditions
under which the fellowship program work.

The agreement signed by each fellow stipulated the followings:

Page 1
Larus Foundation obligations to offer the fellowship program and payments
are subject to terms and conditions and *fellow performance*

Page 2
Fellow is expected to meaningfully participate in the meeting, not just sit
in the meeting room. This can include voicing opinions, responding to
comments, participate in Hallway conversations.....

Page 5
Upon fellow completion of the fellowship program at Larus foundation
satisfaction... Larus will offer stipends... the final decision for the
disbursement of the stipends is subject to Larus’s sole discretion...

Value of the stipend: There are two parts that form the total value of the
stipend as the followings:
First part(advanced payment): in the form of airfare, hotel, other
transportation costs for the meeting paid up front by Larus.

The second part: the remainder will be paid after the meeting... the value
is in the range of 0 to 500$. Stipend payment is contingent to fellow
attendance and participation and conformance to the fellowship terms and
conditions herein....

Larus judgment on fellow participation will be final and binding to the

At Larus sole discretion, in the event that fellow fails to actively
participate in fellowship program and in the meeting or violate this terms
and conditions, the stipend will not be offered. In addition, Larus is
entitled to seek indemnify for all costs pay up front by Larus and any
cost associated to the collection of such compensation, including but not
limited to court costs, collection costs and attorney.

The following questions come to mind:

1- From the educational material given to fellows which is purely based
on Larus views on each proposals, positions to defend, what are the
objectives set for each policy meeting and how are the objectives aligned
with the general community interest?

2- Would Larus assume under these terms and conditions that opinions
expressed by fellows during policy meetings are Larus opinions and do not
represent fellow individual opinions?

3- how is fellow performance measured as it is at Larus sole discretion?
What are the metrics and values used to determine the performance level?

4-how is the reward (0 to 500$) applied based on the fellow performance?

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