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[rpd] Proposal to Allow co-chairs to abandon proposals unlikely to reach consensus

Owen DeLong owen at
Mon Dec 23 18:26:34 UTC 2019

Template for Submitting Policy Proposals
------------------------[Proposal Header]-----------------------
Unique identifier (assigned by AfriNIC):
Draft Policy Name: Amend PDP to allow Abandonment of Proposals
(a) Owen DeLong | owen at | DeLong Consulting
Draft Policy Version 00.05
Submission Date 23 December, 2019
Related Policies (where applicable) PDP (CPM section 3)
Obsoletes: None
Amends: Section 3.4.2 of the CPM (PDP)
------------------------[Proposal Header]-----------------------
[1] Summary of the Problem Being Addressed by this Policy Proposal
The current PDP has an attack surface which allows authors to abuse the process and waste
community time on a proposal which is not supported by the community by making minor
amendments to the proposal each year. Currently, co-chairs have no authority to declare
that a proposal should be abandoned due to lack of support by the community.

[2] Summary of How this Proposal Addresses the Problem
This proposal provides a limited power for co-chairs to determine that a proposed policy is
unlikely to reach consensus in the community and abandon the proposal rather than allowing
it to continue to distract the community from feasible proposals.

+ Requires at least two public policy meetings prior to initiating abandonment process
+ Provides time for objections to abandonment through a last call process
+ Abandonment can be appealed through the same process described in section 3.5

[3] Proposal (Please use sub-numbering so as to make it easy to reference in discussions)
Section 3.4.2 is amended as follows (Green is existing text, Red strikethrough is deleted existing text, Blue underline is new text):
3.4.2 Public Policy Meeting
The draft policy is placed on the agenda of an open public policy meeting. The agenda of the meeting shall be announced on the Resource Policy Discussion mailing list at least two weeks prior to the meeting. No change can be made to a draft policy within one week of the meeting. This is so that a stable version of the draft policy can be considered at the meeting. The Chair(s) determine(s) whether rough consensus has been achieved during the Public Policy Meeting.
After a proposal has been to at least two public policy meetings without achieving consensus, if it appears that there continue to be substantive objections to the proposal which are incompatible with authors intention (e.g. the community objects to the entire concept of the proposal or to some aspect of authors fundamental intent in the proposal) and that the proposal is unlikely to ever achieve consensus regardless of authors amendments, co-chairs may make such a finding and send the proposal to a “last call prior to abandonment”. Said last call to be at least 30 days on the RPD list. At the end of that last call period, co-chairs may abandon the proposal and remove it from consideration. Co-chairs must publish their decision to RPD including an explanation of the finding and reasons for abandoning the proposal. An abandon proposal is disposed of in a manner identical to an expired proposal per section 3.4.1.
The Chair(s) shall publish the minutes of proceedings of the Public Policy Meeting not later than three weeks after the meeting.

[4] Revision History (for all but the very first draft)
4.1 Version 00.05
Change: .......................... Initial Version
Reason for Change:……….Initial Version

5.0 References
RPD discussions of this issue
RPD discussions surrounding the “Resource Review Policy Proposal”
Existence of this ability in the PDP in every other RIR

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