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[rpd] On the newcomers requirements to vote.

Chevalier du Borg virtual.borg at
Sun Nov 10 13:43:49 UTC 2019

Le sam. 9 nov. 2019 à 23:36, Owen DeLong <owen at> a écrit :



> On Nov 9, 2019, at 01:07 , Ahile shagba francis <ahilefranc at>

> wrote:


> The last elections in Kampala witnessed many weird practices. It was

> glaring that the process lacks so much to term it credible.

> Some are forced to agree with the accusations of the person who sent some

> harsh words regards the manner in which students and locals where bought

> solely for the purpose of elections by some big wings who play the modern

> day slavery role.



> I take issue with this characterization.


> Bringing students and local IT professionals to the AfriNIC meeting is,

> IMHO, a laudable and useful way to expand our community

> and improve participation. I don’t know of anyone who was brought solely

> for the purpose of elections. All of the fellowships I am

> aware of provided for attendance at the full meeting.


While some new comer were there for the meeting. It was clear a lot had
come just to vote. they were all sit in same place. they allmost all vote
for the same person and they all shout in unity when that person won.

That must not be allow to continue.

I wish AfriNIC to BAN all newcommer from any kind of vote. They should
listen, learn and participate in debate
I wish AfriNIC to BAN all people who have not been register on PPML for at
least 2 month before meeting


> I find it interesting that the call here is about the election in Kampala

> while nobody mentions what happened in Dakar.


> In Dakar, there were literally busloads of local people, many of whom had

> no relationship to IT.

> They showed up for lunch and the Co-Chair election and then departed never

> to be seen or heard from in the community again.


They show up for lunch (quite another problem for NIC to fix), they was no
patter of all of them voting for one candidate. In fact many of them leave
after lunch so you are dishonest to say they came for co-chair election.


> In Kampala, there were a large number of local IT students and members of

> the IT profession who showed up for multiple days

> of the meeting in part because they were sponsored through fellowships.


A tainted fellowship of questionable goal for this community.



> Is there some reason these members of the IT community should be

> marginalized simply because it is their first meeting?



- any one who come just for lunch
- any group who come for first time and vote on the same issue and same
person is pervsesion of democracy and community trust

same thing with people who don't live in Africa, don't have any business
here constantly force their way on the community through very long post and
policy that most african who are in the community for along time don't
agree is benefit to the continent.


> Are they in some way less qualified than other members attending their

> first meeting?


yes. in the same way that you should not allow a person who is not American
to vote in US election. These people most of them just corrupt the process.
Few of them go on to register to mailing list. Few of them go on to post
anything intelligent apart from +1 +10


> One of those fellows is now a PDP co-chair.


> Do we feel that the current co-chairs are doing a bad job? Do we feel that

> they have misrepresented the community in some way?


> Newcomwers ought to have some knowledge about what AFRINIC in its entirety

> entails. So you can make decisions bore from conscience and sincere

> progress.



> How does a newcomer gain that knowledge without attending a meeting and

> observing the process first hand?


Join mailing list before the meeting
Register, attend the meeting and listen

But you know that not the problem. The problem is is when all newcomer, sit
in same spot, vote for same person and oppose same proposal or support same
proposal (whether francophone or anglophone) ... it a sign that the PDP
has been hijack by botmaster.


> Are you arguing that the co-chairs elected in Kampala are unqualified or a

> poor choice for the community? Are you arguing that the election had a bad

> outcome?

> If so, please offer some evidence to support this position.


> Many who are pushing for certain policies have failed to sit back and

> search themselves if they really are for the good of the RIR of they are

> just out chasing clout.



> Blanket accusations of malfeasance such as this are hollow and useless. If

> you have examples of such malfeasance, you don’t have to name names, but at

> least

> provide specific citations. Provide actual content or quotations or

> references to points on the video record of the meeting where such

> malfeasance is demonstrated.


Like a non-African who does not live in Africa. Does not own a business in
Africa try to shove policy down in AfriNIC?

Borg le Chevalier
"Common sense is what tells us the world is flat"
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