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[rpd] inputs on IPv4 Inter-RIR policy proposals

Mark Elkins mje at
Mon Jul 15 08:00:50 UTC 2019

I'm not sure I'd agree with this. A single year in Internet terms is
like 5 years in other businesses and a lot can change. Rather change the
restriction to something like, if you do an IPv4 transfer - you have to
wait a year before requesting more IPv4.

*NEW* You are then restricted from ever transferring those new IPv4
(which will probably be small, /20's or smaller).

*OR* simply state that IPv4 addresses from the last block can never be

I personally think reality will catch up and there won't be any more
addresses to obtain from the Registry but I don't have a crystal ball.

On 2019/07/15 06:21, John Hay wrote:

> Hi Jordi,


> On Mon, 15 Jul 2019 at 00:05, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ via RPD

> <rpd at> wrote:

>> Hi John,


>> Let's make sure I understood your point:

>> "One clause that I would be quite happy with is something like "Once

>> you have sold IPv4 address space, you are not eligible to get any from

>> Afrinic again", instead of the 12 month period."


>> We have this right now for intra-RIR:


>> Source entities will not be eligible to receive any further IPv4 address allocations or assignments from AFRINIC for a period of 12 months after a transfer approval.


>> Source entities must not have received a transfer, allocation, or assignment of IPv4 number resources from AFRINIC for the 12 months prior to the approval of transfer request. This restriction excludes mergers and acquisitions transfers.


>> -> If I got you correctly, you mean:

>> Source entities will not be any more eligible to receive any further IPv4 address allocations or assignments from AFRINIC.


>> Is that your point? I think I will agree with that, as it is a good protection to avoid anyone getting addresses holding them for 12 months, and then selling those and asking for more (which or course at some point will not be possible one AFRINIC run out).


> Yes that is my point. If you are willing to sell IPv4 address space,

> you in effect say that you have enough for your own use, so you should

> not need to request again.


> Regards


> John


>> Let's make sure and check what other participants believe.


>> Regards,

>> Jordi

>> @jordipalet


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