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[rpd] AFRINIC (Staff?) Active Support Onlist (was: impact analysis for policies)

Sylvain BAYA abscoco at
Wed Jun 26 09:40:59 UTC 2019

{Initial mail of the previous thread : 

Hi all,

I have decided to resend this mail
<>, amongst
other, to have it in a separate thread.

This message is a call for more active support from AFRINIC Staff,
during the discussions on the RPD list ; in line with the PDP (Policy
Development Process) as provisioned by the CPM at section 3.4.0.

Please see below for details (comments seeked and welcome)...

Le 6/22/2019 à 10:10 AM, Sylvain BAYA a écrit :
> [...]
> But i was just trying to, silently, recall the process as provisioned
> by the CPM section 3.4.1.
> CPM section 3.4.1 : «[...]The Working Group Chair(s) may request
> AFRINIC to provide an analysis (technical, financial, legal or other),
> of the impact of the draft policy proposal.[...]»
> ...i think we must follow our rules or change them if they appear to
> be broken somewhere. Right ?
> [...]
>> Precisely, most of the newer versions, at least in the case of my
>> proposals, where to address the points raised in the impact analysis.
>> So, it should be easy to get the previous impact analysis, compare
>> the differences of the old and new versions of the policy proposal,
>> against the impact analysis, and raise if something is missing.
> :-) i'm sure that at least one of them (policy liaison?) might be
> reading...
> Do you think we should also (policily speaking) ask one of them (say
> the same staff member i mentioned above) to follow|read the
> discussions and react when we need|seek their expertise ? :-D

I'm calling AFRINIC (Staff?) to timely react onlist when requested
during the discussions as stipulated by the CPM, at section 3.4.0.

CPM section 3.4.0 : «[...] AFRINIC shall also provide relevant facts and
statistics if requested during the discussion. [...]»

Please we need|seek your proactive|reactive presence, onlist, because
your continuous *support* is part of a successful process.



> [...]


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