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[rpd] Intelligence for AIS-19 Kampala No 1

Nasir Faruk nasirfaruk at
Wed Jun 19 06:57:47 UTC 2019

Dear Benjamin,

You can sell your points without calling names or insulting the collective
intelligence of delegates. What are the points you raised that LARUS is

1 - to support the IPv4 Inter-RIR Resource Transfers (Comprehensive Scope)?
by Jordi Palet Martinez because they want to legalize their wrongdoing with
the resources taken from AFRINIC.

2 - to oppose the Internet Number Resources review by AFRINIC? by Arnaud
Amelina and CO because this policy will expose them.
3 - to vote for Mark Elkins. The other three Nigerians have been used to
split vote of the other candidate.

Points No. 1 and 2 are policies issues. What I am expecting you to do is to
come to the floor and sell your arguments. You don’t have to force your
sought on others.

Why would you be scared of resource transfer? The Internet Number Resources
review is targeting at compliance and improving effective usage of the
resource. While, the Inter-RIR resource transfer is targeting at efficient
usage. If you have sound and flexible policies that allows resource
transfer within and outside RIR, you don’t really need to come and start
policing because, naturally, the utilization will be significantly

Policing for resource usage by regulators has not been effective. ITU and
many other national regulator tried that channel on radio waves and its not
working.  This is the main reason of going into Dynamic spectrum Access
(DSA) and dynamic spectrum alliance have been working keenly to create
flexible spectrum regimes.

Point No. 3 is quite usual. Even in the larger communities like the United
Nations and ITU there is interest

Then coming back to insulting Nigerians, I don’t think its necessary, if
you have issues coming to Uganda with your passport many of us don’t. If
you have trouble with your passport you can let us know to assist you where

I rest my case!


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