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[rpd] inputs on IPv4 Inter-RIR policy proposals - AFRINIC needs this policy now!

Mon Jun 17 13:31:58 UTC 2019

Hi Omo,


There is no way that a RIR can control 100% of the resources escaping from the region if there is not an inter-RIR policy.


Please, remember that initially I was personally *against* any kind of transfer policies, but facts and reality changed my view of the situation.


I think we need to be smart and have *control* on the transfers instead of negate the fact that they will not occur not having a policy. 


As the Inter-RIR transfers have been working *very well* for several years now in ARIN, RIPE and APNIC, I don’t think those communities will agree to change their mind to allow transfers with non-reciprocal policies. What is the benefit for them?


Please, wait for my presentation and you will see that those concerns aren’t something real anymore.


Note that LACNIC had the same concern, and it was attemted in 3 different one-way proposals, from different authors. All them failed for *several* years. About 8 months ago I’ve proposed something similar to the proposals that I’ve done for AFRINIC and in the last meeting (1 month ago), *both* policy proposals reached consensus. Now, it will require several months to implement them.








El 17/6/19 12:09, "Omo Oaiya" <Omo.Oaiya at> escribió:



On 16 Jun 2019, at 19:14, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ via RPD <rpd at> wrote:


Thanks Mark,

Short explanation about why I submitted two policy proposals for the same problem:

1) I know some folks in the region (it happened as well in other regions), are afraid of IPv4 addresses scaping "out" of the region with this kind of policy proposal.

2) In my presentation I will try to demonstrate, and hopefully convince the participants, that this is not the case and that this policy proposal is clearly beneficial (and needed) for the region.

So, as you say, 2019-v4-001-d1, may be a possible interim if I'm not good enough selling my arguments.





#1 is a real concern.   AFRINIC cannot afford to have the meagre IPv4 addresses its has available in comparison to other RIRs going out of the region, legacy or not.   


I cannot support this and would only consider a one way transfer into AFRINIC.   I would encourage you to propose policies along this line - here or/and in other RIRs so any reciprocity rules that prohibit such policies are rescinded.





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