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[rpd] RPD : Prolicy proposal "Internet Number Resources review by AFRINIC" informations update

Owen DeLong owen at
Wed Apr 10 13:21:39 UTC 2019

> On Apr 10, 2019, at 6:12 AM, Marcus K. G. Adomey <madomey at> wrote:
> Dear AfriNIC Community,
> When I started reading the reaction of Owen on this policy, I was tempted to respond to him in line but after reading the entire email, few issues are worth being pointed out.
> 1 – his inability to distinguish between policy and implementation procedure,

I am perfectly capable of this distinction. You seem to assume that a vaguely worded policy which leaves open a variety of implementation methodologies to staff discretion such that the level of abuse possible with the policy varies subject to interpretation and situational context is a good thing. I do not. I prefer that policy be explicit and unambiguous such that consistent implementation can be achieved.

> 2 – the irrelevant comments about the format which have no bearings of the substance of the policy, and finally

I made not a single comment about format. I did make a comment about grammatical errors. Grammatical errors do have a bearing on the substance of the policy as they make it less coherent and thus less likely to be correctly understood.

> 3 – his incoherence regarding need for this policy. 
> The most outrageous in the above is the third point. Although he claimed that the policy is unnecessary, he was at the same time making suggestions on how the authors can make the proposal better.

This is not incoherence as you claim. While I believe that this policy should long since have been abandoned and has no need, nonetheless, I complied with the authors request as to how we could make this detritus more palatable.

> But if you take the necessary stand, you will conclude that this incoherence is normal especially coming from someone who supported the proposal at its inception, got conflicted and change his mind, his heart and stomach speaking at the same time.

Now, speaking of incoherence, this previous paragraph is a clear example of incoherent speech. I have no idea what it means for my heart and stomach to be speaking at the same time, neither organ capable of speech. Further, I am not conflicted. I supported the idea of the proposal at its inception because I had not yet fully read the AfriNIC RSA and we previously had need for such a policy in the ARIN region. At its inception, this proposal seemed far more benign than it has now become. This is not a result of any conflict on my side. It is the result of my learning more about the context in which the proposal is being developed and the substantive changes to the proposal since its inception.

> There are enough evidences on his case in the archives and I won't replay them here.

Please at least expand on why conflict you perceive.

> Nothing will stop this community's determination to decide for itself, to improve accountability and better manage the scarce number resources provided to it for a better Internet in AFRICA.

I’m very glad to hear that… In such a case, I’m quite certain this proposal will be abandoned.

> We've shown AFRINIC was not vaporware.

No, you’ve shown that AfriNIC is not now vaporware. At the time of my statement, it was very much vaporware.

Things change over time, Marcus. My mind is able to change with them.


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