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[rpd] Declaration of War by Banjamin Ledoh

Benjamin Ledoh benjamin.ledoh at
Fri Dec 7 12:09:13 UTC 2018

Hi Daniel,

LOL - Why are you becoming emotional LOL You have to engage in intellectual
discourse - that is the way way progressive minds go.

It is established that you have truly brought your fellow Nigerians to
Hammamet. GREAT! Congratulations to your University for paying for their
trip to Hammamet! (Your university is reach and turned into Foundation to
send students to oppose policy - I am wondering or the real LA-Foundation
is out there). Since you are claiming that you brought them to have a so
called exposure, why were they given script to read and oppose? Don't you
think that it would be wise for them to sit and observe how business is

Well I am not for WAR, rather PEACE.

*By the way, it is your own fellow Nigerians who are reporting this
mercenary business you are undertaking and they are feeling ashamed for you
because you have sold your opinion. So start your war in Nigeria.*

PEACE - PEACE - PEACE - I am only reporting.


PS - Are you going to send your recruits to Jordi's Academy of Policy
Writing (JAPW)? I am only asking - SHALOM.

On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 11:12 AM Daniel Yakmut <yakmutd at>

> Dear Benjamin !!!
> I take serious exception to your comment, I work in the University and
> part of my responsibility is to expose my students to the practice of
> Internet Governance and attending AfriNIC is part of it. Unfortunately, you
> or any other person does not have the capacity to buy my opinion.
> If you are in the business of being sponsored by name withheld to
> destabilise progressive community, just typical of your kind in the West
> Africa region. I can see that is why you are supporting a sponsored policy.
> ignorant of you, we have not supported the review policy way before
> Hammamet. Because we saw through the policy, that it is poison and
> clannishly sponsored.
> Attendance to AfriNIC by sponsorship should be applauded. But if you want
> a war with benefactors of other people, I don't I have a problem with that,
> you will have the people to contend with.
> I will clearly tell you I have been in AfriNIC, i am sure long before you
> know it. So, your kind cannot intimidate me by no means. When you hit a
> brick wall you tend to reduce serious business to village square matter.
> --- Daniel
> On Dec 7, 2018, at 11:36 AM, Benjamin Ledoh <benjamin.ledoh at>
> wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> It is true that you have been contracted by a certain Foundation (name
> withheld) to recruit some young Nigerians, whose trips to Hammamet were
> paid for by the Foundation, to oppose the Review policy during AFRINIC-29
> Meeting?
> This question to is coming from the fact that there is a rumor going round
> and generally, there is no smoke without fire.
> Thanks
> BenjiLo
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