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[rpd] Query on appeal

aleruchi chuku aleruchichuku at
Wed Dec 5 14:32:01 UTC 2018

Andrew + 1 in support of the appeal
But I must say that it is sad that we got to this stage. Something is drastically not right somewhere. Every policy presented to the community must not move to the next stage until 80 -90% of concerns raised by the community is addressed.(afterall  It's the same community that will implement or be recipients of the policy)
Rather we are saddled with a policy that is riddled with issues which the authors have bluntly refused to address and I can only wonder how and why it got to this stage.....this makes me feel that perhaps some people's opinion are more superior to others in the community....Then it is not a community anymore.

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Hi PDWG Appeal Committee.
I am seeking clarification – the appeal process says that any decision of the PDWG co-chairs may be appealed and puts a time frame on launching that appeal.
I now need clarification – the decision to put a policy into last call – does the time from decision to put the policy into last call start from the moment of pronouncement in the meeting, or from the official announcement on the RPD mailing list.  That is to say – when is the decision considered taken – and this goes to a very key issue about the validity of decisions taken on the floor of a PDP meeting so the answer to this question is urgent – since if the time starts ticking from the moment the decision is taken – then time is short to launch the appeal against the decision – and a delay in answering the question by the PDWG Appeal committee cannot be an accepted reason to not accept a late appeal should this situation arise.
The policy actually says – within 2 weeks from public knowledge of the decision – does a pronouncement on the floor constitute public knowledge in a streamed meeting?
Secondly – I wish the PDWG Appeal committee to comment on what happens to a last call process if the decision to last call is under appeal pending adjudication.  I would assume that the last call process would be suspended and cannot proceed until the adjudication of the appeal has been completed, but I wish to have a formal clarification on this.
And with this email – I am also formally announcing my intention to launch a formal appeal with relevant documentation against the decision to move this policy into last call – and I also am formally reserving my right to appeal against the decision to move the policy past the last call stage should that become necessary – irrespective of the appeal against the last call itself.
Andrew Alston
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