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[rpd] Opposing the last call made on the review policy

Owen DeLong owen at
Mon Dec 3 14:47:19 UTC 2018

> On Dec 3, 2018, at 04:53, Sami Salih <sami.salih at> wrote:
> Andrew
> Did you counted how many times you used the word "appeal" in last two days ?
> Instead of threatening the community with this legal proccess would you please try to believe in the people in the community and contribute to enhance the mentioned proposal and the process as a whole as you confirm some of your questions has been answered.


I won’t speak for Andrew, but as I have repeatedly stated, the only way to enhance this proposal to acceptance is to abandon it. The proposals intent is contrary to the mission of AfriNIC. 

The fact that you can state that enhancing the proposal is the only legitimate form of discourse on it shows that you have bought in with bias to the authors rhetoric. 

It is perfectly legitimate to object to a proposal and call for its withdrawal or abandonment in lieu of providing changes that can make it more palatable. Modifications to this proposal would be like lipstick on a pig. The proposal is flawed to the core and should not become policy. 

> Finally, I'm here to defend the proccess but not the content of any proposal and as co-chair I stand in a similar distance from all opinions.

Except you clearly don’t in that as co-chair, you tried to silence opposition to this proposal as repetitive while allowing support (or in some cases opposition to the opposition) to repeat themselves without interruption. 

The fact that you and the other co-chair declared consensus on an unmodified proposal with multiple unaddressed objections remaining from Dakar, many of which were repeated in Hammamet and additional new objections expressed on the list and in Hammamet as well is clear evidence that there is an issue here. As such, if the co-chairs won’t live up to their mandate and recant their erroneous decision to send this to last call, then what other choice, what other legitimate Avenue is open to us besides the appeal process?

That appeal process, by the way, is an internal procedure and not a legal proceeding. No one is talking about suing AfriNIC over this (yet). 

Now, please go back with your other co-chair and review the record, recognize your mistake, own up to it, and recant this decision so that we don’t have to appeal it. 

This is me trying to work with the Co-chairs to resolve the problem before working in the appeal process. 

Will you cooperate?


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