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[rpd] Opposing the last call made on the review policy

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at
Sat Dec 1 06:28:51 UTC 2018


While I agree with everything you have said – let us also be pragmatic.  This policy is pushed by the same crowd that walked to the microphone and agreed at the request of the community to drop another policy, and then reneged on it.  This policy has been rejected, as has the soft landing policy, over and over again – yet the authors do not give a damn about the will of the community or the good of the community.  Go and watch the videos of the Mauritian policy meeting – you will notice the same people involved in what happened there are involved in this policy as well.

The authors have clearly demonstrated that they care not a whit about what this community wants or believes is good for it, they have demonstrated bad faith, and shown that the only thing they care about is shoving something through no matter the consequence – and the co-chairs have already shown that they either do not understand the concept of consensus – or simply do not care.  Fact is – there is precedent on co-chairs being overturned on appeal in another RIR – and when it happened – the person who was overturned – ceased to be a co-chair.  These co-chairs however are insistent on a path that ignores the consensus process, and seem hell bent on forcing a situation where they are overturned – yet again – or failing that forcing AfriNIC into an untenable and potentially costly process beyond the appeal process.

Reality is – there were _no_ substantive changes to this policy from the last time it was rejected – and the objections to the policy that were stated back then have never been withdrawn, and by lack of changes in the text can be clearly demonstrated to not have been addressed – this flies in the very face of the definition of consensus – the co-chairs however simply do not care.

Welcome to what our PDP process has become – the bullying of the minority supported by co-chairs who do not understand consensus – to push through agendas that have zero to do with the good of the community and more to do with standing your ground to prove that you can.

And btw – before I’m attacked – yes – I have proposed some controversial policies over the years – fact is – all of them were withdrawn when the community wanted that.


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It's very sad that this policy still lingers like a nightmare after it has been rejected over and over again. It has consistently bred anger and mistrust.
Please for the sake of unity, I will advice the chairs to do what is right by the people. DROP THIS POLICY.

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