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[rpd] Opposing the review policy

Owen DeLong owen at
Tue Nov 27 22:00:40 UTC 2018

You seem to be talking about the allocation of internet numbers to RIRs by IANA.

For IPv4, you are pretty much late to the party as the IPv4 addresses are already fully distributed to RIRs.

For IPv6, each RIR is still working on their first /12 to the best of my knowledge. There are still hundreds of /12s remaining in the IANA free pool from 2000::/3 and I’d be very surprised if we run out in the lifetime of anyone now living. In fact, I believe it to be very likely that the IPv6 address pool will outlast the useful life of the IPv6 protocol.

What we are discussing in the review policy is a process by which organizations who have received resources from AfriNIC may be audited to determine if they are making good and legitimate use of the resources as claimed at the time the resources were issued and provides mechanisms for AfriNIC to reclaim those resources if it is determined otherwise.

While I oppose the review policy for other reasons, It seems to me that the statements you make below are unrelated to the current policy discussion and I hoped that my clarification would allow you to better focus on the actual policy issue at hand, or, take your concerns to a more appropriate place.

If you wish to change policy by which IANA distributes addresses to the RIRs, then you would need to create a global policy proposal and submit it to the policy development process in each of the 5 RIRs where a (nearly) identical policy must gain consensus and be adopted by each and every one of the 5 RIR communities and boards, then forwarded to the NRO NC and the ICANN board.


> On Nov 25, 2018, at 01:06 , Eucharia Maryann <eucharianene at> wrote:
> It is true that the internet resources are finite but it shouldn't be allocated only based on the the operational needs of the end users and the internet service provider because this is not favourable to AFRINIC and African region as a whole in the sense that in Africa, only few individuals can successfully make good use of the advantages of the internet which will result to allocating a very small portion of the internet number resources to AFRINIC and will not help AFRINIC get to it's gaol of getting majority of the Africans to be actively involved in the use of internet because they have limited internet number resources than to compare to other RIR region whose members are actively involved in the internet activities and also makes full use of the internet advantages which enable them to have large amount of Internet Number Resources because of their members active involvement in the use of the internet, therefore, if a criteria is needed for allocating Internet Number resources to RIR then, it should be a criteria that will be favourable to all the RIR region especially RIR region with so many underdeveloped countries like AFRINIC in order to achieve the primary goal of having the internet in the world. Therefore, I don't think the review policy is a favourable policy for Africa. 
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